5 Best Places to Wear a Maxi Dress This Summer

5 Best Places to Wear a Maxi Dress This Summer

Among the more versatile pieces in your summer wardrobe, the maxi dress is a style everyone should own at least one of. Typically, this style is long if not floor-length, sleeveless or short-sleeved and commonly features an empire waist. Equal parts cute, comfy, and chic, this dress is the epitome of summer fashion. You just may find yourself wanting to don this dress every day and to every event this season. With some simple adjustments to your outfit, we think you can do just that. Here are five of the best places to wear this highly versatile summer dress.

To the Beach

Looking for a beautiful, breezy cover-up to wear over your swimsuit this summer? Look no further than the maxi dress.

An easy-breezy gauzy vacation maxi dress makes for a fabulous beach cover-up, as it is cool and comfortable enough to be worn over your warm and sea salt-sticky body. Still, it is also appropriate for wherever your day may take you next. For example, are you heading out to dinner right after the beach? Just throw on your maxi dress, and you are ready to hit the town.

Running Errands

Out and about on a hot summer day? Look no further than your favorite maxi dress. These cool and breezy dresses are perfect for running around on a hot sunny day. This dress will keep you looking and feeling cool no matter where your day takes you.

Pair this dress with your favorite platform sneakers or comfy sandals for your day of running errands. Bring along your favorite cardigan just in case you end up somewhere with their air conditioning on full-blast.

Another cute and cozy way to dress down this outfit for a day out is by wearing a plain white women’s T-shirt underneath it. Still cool enough for running around on a summer day while also keeping your shoulder covered indoors or later in the cool evenings.

To an Outdoor Wedding

Maxi dresses were made for the outdoor summer wedding. Whether the event is at the beach or in a park, a maxi dress is a beautiful and perfectly appropriate option for a wedding attendee. Pair this dress with a simple shawl and heels to elevate your look from everyday to formal. Wear some simple but elegant drop earrings to really complete this chic but totally cool and comfortable summer event style.

To Work

The key to wearing your favorite maxi dress to the office is to pay attention to how you pair it with accessories and other outfit pieces. With the right extras, you can easily transform your comfy, flowy maxi dress into a polished and office-ready look.

The best, and likely easiest, single piece to completely transform your casual maxi dress into a professional fit is the blazer. A solid-colored, fitted blazer is a fantastic way to elevate your maxi dress from casual to professional. Of course, no matter the season, it is always a good idea to keep a sweater at the office.

Shoes are also an important factor when dressing up your maxi dress. While platforms and sandals may appropriately dress up the maxi for an outdoor formal event such as a beach wedding, you probably want to opt for some more conservative, close-toed options for the office. Choose a pair of flats, simple pumps, or even ankle boots for this look.

At Home

Most maxi dresses are virtually as comfortable as pajama sets, so why not treat them that way? Wear your maxi dress at home this summer, whether you are spending the day on household chores such as laundry and cleaning, working on hobbies, or just lounging around. Choose a lightweight cotton maxi dress for your go-to stay-at-home look this summer and look as good as you feel, even if you are the only one around.

Because these dresses tend to be so cool and flowy, they also make great gardening outfits. Spend a summer weekend tending to your garden in your beautiful and surprisingly practical maxi dress. Pair with a big wide-brimmed hat to protect your face from the sun and your most comfortable outdoor shoes.

At the peak of summer, the sun, heat, and humidity will have you wanting to wear as little as possible on most days. Enter your favorite maxi dress. Typically sleeveless, lightweight, billowy, and breezy, this dress is the most versatile summer dress option. From everyday wear to formal events, this beautiful but comfortable style will be your favorite go-to outfit this summer.


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