The 6 Best PJs for a Girls’ Slumber Party

The 6 Best PJs for a Girls’ Slumber Party

Whether you’re about to send your little one off to her very first slumber party, or you are the go-to girls’ sleepover party house and are a pro at hosting at this point, you may find yourself wondering: What are the best PJs for my child? Before sending them off to a social slumberland, you need to consider not only what is practical and comfortable but also what is stylish and trendy. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and have created this guide to help you and your girls find the best kid’s pajamas for their next sleepover.

Classic Matching Striped Tops and Bottoms

Classic styles are classics for a reason: a warm but breathable cotton matching set of striped tops and bottoms is a must-have for every girl. Girl’s pajamas come in all kinds of fabrics, styles, and fits that may fluctuate in popularity or availability over the years, but this classic style is here to stay.

You can mix and match the sets by getting a top of one color set and the bottom of another, or you can opt for a more monochromatic vibe. This style is easy to find in thinner, more breathable fabrics for the summer and warmer fabrics, such as flannel, for the winter, so you can invest in multiples and have the most stylish and comfy sleepovers year-round.

Silky Satin Sets

Also in the realm of matching girls’ pajama sets, another fantastic choice for a sleepover — or just because — is a super-soft satin pajama set. These silky, satin fabrics are great options for those who may be more sensitive and find certain fabrics too itchy or scratchy for sleeping.

Fine satins and silk sets are wonderful alternatives for kids who want to wear the ultra-girly lacey nightgown but can’t stand the feel of lace on their sensitive skin. These matching sets are super cute yet still wearable for the most hypersensitive little ones.

The Ultimate Princess Pajamas: A Flowy Nightgown

Be the bell of the slumber party ball in a flowy nightgown fit for a princess. Girl’s nightgowns can also be found in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and styles. From a classic plaid flannel nightgown to a satin and lace nightgown fit for royalty, almost every girl can find a nightgown style fit for her.

If your little one has a predilection for princess wear, of course, a more elaborately styled nightgown with lace and embellishments may be the perfect pajama style for her. For those girls who want the feminine look and feel of a nightgown but also want to prioritize comfort and warmth, there are also plenty of simple and comfy nightgown options made from cotton and flannel.

Comfy Cotton Camisoles and Shorts

Another simple but stylish pajama option is the combination of a lightweight, comfy camisole and cotton drawstring shorts. This option is especially great for warmer months or for those who tend to sleep hot.

A super cute idea for a girl’s slumber party, which works wonderfully over a minimal pajama set like a camisole and shorts, is to get the girls some matching girls’ robes to wear together. What group of besties doesn’t want cute and comfy matching outfits just for their slumber party hangouts?

One-piece Pajamas

One-piece rompers, footie pajamas, and onesies are super fun and cute pajama options. Onesies and footie pajamas can also easily be found in virtually all sizes, so even the older kids can enjoy this super cozy style. One-piece body suit pajamas that come in the shape and style of animals or beloved cartoon characters have become increasingly popular for all age groups and are seeing a real heyday right now. You could even suggest an animal-pajama theme to your kid’s next sleepover and encourage all the slumber party-goers to dress in their favorite animal onesies.

Matching Family Pajamas

If you are searching for a theme or reason to get all the kids dressed up for their cute and cozy slumber party, there’s no better pajama outfit for this than designated matching family pajama sets.

In addition, to being some of the comfiest pajama sets available, these stylish and adorable matching sets also make for some super cute photo ops.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Finally, a slumber party outfit wouldn’t be complete without the necessary sleepover accouterments. For example, soft, non-snagging headbands for keeping hair pulled back while snacking, during mani-pedi hour, or for a group skincare routine are necessary for successful sleepovers. Another great go-to slumber party accessory no girl should be without are a pair of soft and warm house slippers.

No matter what you decide are the best pajamas for you and yours at their next sleepover, as long as you don’t forget the snacks and the sleeping bags, they’re sure to have a blast.


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