5 Best PJs for a Boys' Pajama Party

5 Best PJs for a Boys' Pajama Party

Is there anything more fun than a pajama party? Maybe a boys’ pajama party! Let’s look at the best PJs for your boy to wear to a one.

Perfect PJs

Choosing the perfect PJs for your boy is easy, but there are a few factors to consider. First, you’ll want to make sure that the pajamas fit. Boys grow fast! If it’s been a while since you have measured him, double-check his height, weight, chest, waist, and inseam and compare them to the size charts of your favorite retailer. You’ll want to get him boys’ pajamas that are loose enough to be comfy and still give him a little room to grow but not be baggy or too long. They need to fit the kind of like sweatshirts and sweatpants—comfy for running in but not too big.

Boys’ pajamas come in one-piece styles and top and pajama bottom sets. The perfect PJs for your boy will depend upon what he is most comfortable wearing and how independent he is at night in using the bathroom. Most bigger boys prefer to wear top and bottom sets, but those one-piece pajamas with feet may be a cozy favorite. Think about how best to set him up for success based on whether you will be hosting the pajama part or he will be spending the night at another boy’s home and what he is likely to be most comfortable wearing.

Fun Flannel

If you want your boy to be comfy all night long, give him boys’ flannel pajamas. Flannel is super soft and naturally warm, and it breathes. This combination is perfect for a pajama party. Does he have favorite cartoon characters or movie characters? What about favorite sports or pets? Chances are you can find flannel pajamas for him with cute designs that he will love. Big boys will appreciate these, too; you will just need to choose a design that fits his interests. If you have extended family members who sometimes buy pajamas as gifts, make sure to steer them in the right direction on this, so they know your boy’s current tastes.

While you are thinking of flannel, does he have a set of flannel sheets on his bed at home? If not, it would be a great addition to his room for winter. Flannel sheets can make little ones feel tucked in and cozy all night long.

Fab Fleece

Fleece is another great option for boys’ PJs for a pajama party. Fleece is a synthetic material that is great for all kinds of boys’ clothes. It is durable, soft, and warm, washes easily, comes in fun colors, and breathes. Wash your boy’s fleece in cold water with a mild detergent and dry it on low heat if you use the dryer. You can’t go wrong with boys’ fleece pajamas.

Fleece pajamas are great for the whole family, too. If you want to make your crew happy, get them each a pair of fleece pajamas so they will stay snugly soft this winter. Also, a fleece throw blanket for your boy’s bedroom and another one for the family room are great ideas.

Super Slippers

Keep those little feet warm! A pair of boys’ slippers will be welcome on bare floors, or if the host just keeps their home a bit cooler than your guy is used to at his home. If he doesn’t care for slippers, consider slipper socks. They are less bulky for packing, are still soft and warm, and come with non-skid “grippers” on the bottom to keep him from sliding across the house or slipping on the stairs.

If you are looking for holiday gift ideas or winter birthday gift ideas, keep slippers in mind for the whole family, too. A fun way to make slippers extra special is to have them monogrammed. Everyone deserves to be pampered with a new pair of slippers.

Best Bathrobes

A bathrobe can be a great addition to wear to a boys’ pajama party. The boys will be sleeping (or staying up!) in someone else’s home, so giving them layering options to stay extra cozy and the ability to cover up as much as they might prefer is smart. A boys’ bathrobe is almost like giving them a goodnight hug from afar.

A hooded robe can be extra cozy. It can provide a bit of extra warmth at the pajama party and will come in handy on nights at home when he shampoos his hair. Hooded robes also look adorable! Sometimes we think of hooded robes as being for little kids, but they are also a spa-like option for adults.

With a bit of PJ planning, your boy will have a wonderful time at the pajama party! Enjoy these times. They go fast!


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