Best Picnic Dresses for the Spring

Best Picnic Dresses for the Spring

Spring is almost here, and we’re already dreaming about green grass, blooming flowers, and flowy dresses. After a long winter cooped up indoors, we’re really feeling the outdoor vibes. Spring picnics are one of the classic ways to start getting outside come the warmer weather. Enjoy the fresh breeze, warm sun on your skin, and all the sounds and beauty of the spring season. One of our favorite parts of spring is that it’s time to pull out our favorite warm-weather dresses. No more constricting winter gear—it’s time for the blossoming freedom of spring. Luckily, picnicking and dresses go together like two peas in a pod. So, before you get out your picnic baskets, let’s take a look at the best picnic dresses for spring.

Picnic Dress Basics

A good picnic dress is one that is comfortable for sitting on the ground. If a dress is too short or too tight, it’s probably not a good choice. You don’t want to spend the whole picnic trying to sit comfortably without showing off your undies or feeling squeezed around the middle. You’ll also want to choose fabrics that are comfortable, breathable, and easy to wash. Fabrics like silk are lovely but can be hard to clean, making them not ideal for a picnic dress that may get a little dirty.

The Floral Print

Nothing says spring like florals. Floral scents, floral arrangements, and floral prints are all quintessentially spring. Choose a floral print cotton sundress for the ultimate springtime feels that is ideal for picnicking. Choose dusty pinks, bright yellows, baby blues, subtle lavenders, pastels, creams, and whites for the perfect spring floral palette.

Cotton is breathable and easy to wash, whereas sundresses are typically loose-fitting, airy, and perfect for catching warm rays. Bring along your favorite sunhat and some sunscreen to make sure you don’t burn on your first spring picnic.

The Boho-Chic Maxi Dress

Loose and flowing long dresses aren’t just for hippies anymore. They have become stylish for just about any woman’s body type or fashion sense. Like leggings, maxi dresses for women are the go-to piece for comfort and versatility. Dress down, dress up, wear for lounging or for a night out on the town, maxi dresses are comfortable and perfect for almost any occasion, including your spring picnic.

Channel your inner boho-chic vibes with a flowy maxi dress that gives you all the comforts, mobility, and relaxed fit you need to enjoy your spring picnic. No worries about your undies peeking out or feeling squeezed around the middle. Maxi dresses are perfect for frolicking in nature. There are a variety of fits, cuts, designs, colors, and prints to choose from; it will be easy to find the look that feels best for you and your personal style. The boho-chic maxi dress is perfect for any spring picnic for its unparalleled elegance and down-to-earth ease.

Shirt Dress

We all love a good shirt dress, especially for a spring picnic. Shirt dresses come in so many styles, prints, fabrics, and designs it’s hard not to find one (many?) that you love. Choose a shirt dress that is loose and comfortable to move in. Make sure it’s long enough to sit comfortably on the ground. You can choose a button-up style or a wrap-dress style you can cinch at the waist. If you’re worried about the dress riding up, simply wear a pair of bike shorts. Shirt dresses can be sleeveless or with T-shirt sleeves, giving you the versatility you need to keep a little covered or show a little extra skin. Choose a fabric such as linen or cotton for the ultimate breezy spring feel.

Midi Beach Dress

A beach dress is always a good idea for a spring picnic. These comfortable and down-to-earth pieces are ideal for lazing around on the ground while still looking chic. Choose a midi-style dress for a playful yet elegant look. Midi dresses are great for picnics because they give the same coverage and freedom as a maxi dress without hitting the floor. The midi dress’s shin-level hemline is perfect for showing a little skin while still feeling like you have the coverage to sit on the ground. If you’re worried about getting cold, bring along a lightweight cotton cardigan to throw over your beach dress for the perfect spring picnic look.

Sweater Dress

Sometimes spring isn’t all flowers and sunshine. If spring hasn’t quite perked up yet, or if your picnic is planned for a cooler or wetter day, you’ll want to be sure you can stay comfortable and dry. Instead of a cotton or lightweight dress, wear your favorite sweater dress with a pair of rain boots or wellies for a cool spring look. Bring along a women’s raincoat just in case there’s a drizzle or if where you’re sitting is still wet from recent rain. You can still enjoy a spring picnic if it’s a little cool and damp. After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices.

Welcome the bright energies of spring with a well-deserved picnic and the perfect dress for the occasion. Keep in mind length, comfort, and fabric when choosing your picnic dress. Also, choose warm spring tones such as whites, pastels, or bright colors to match the spring season.


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