9 Best Petite Swimwear Styles for 2021

9 Best Petite Swimwear Styles for 2021

Shopping as a petite woman may be tricky if you do not know what to look out for. Petite refers to height measurements, and women under 5'1" more than likely fit the petite size standards. Regular-size apparel simply may be too big for petite women. As a petite woman knowing how to shop for chic swimsuits is just as important as when shopping for regular clothes. After all, no one wants to go swimming in swimsuits that are too large! Thankfully, many retailers have petite sizes and other features that allow you to rock your fashionable swimwear from the beach to the resort. Ideal swimsuits for petite women usually appear to lengthen and balance out the body and flatter your curves. Check out these nine best petite swimwear styles for 2021.

1. Vertical Prints

Vertical prints and patterns work wonders for petite women. They help to flatter and lengthen your body by drawing eyes up and down. You can choose from plenty of color combinations and prints, such as vertical stripes and florals. Choose the swimsuits that let you showcase your style and personality while looking your best, no matter where you are heading.

2. Off-the-Shoulder

Another flattering feature on swimsuits for petite women, off-the-shoulder styles help to balance out your body. Off-the-shoulder swimsuits come with various features you can try out, such as a flounce, ruffle, or elasticize neckline. Figure out which styles work best for you, whether you choose an off-the-shoulder top with a matching bottom or an off-the-shoulder one-piece swimsuit.

3. High-Neck

A high-neck swimsuit (such as a halter neck) adds a few inches to your torso. Therefore, if — like plenty of petite women — you wish to give the appearance of length, high-neck swimsuits may be for you. Not all high-neck suits have halter necks; however, this style tends to be one of the more popular out there. Plus, petite styles with halter necklines mean no more straps slipping down!

4. One-Shoulder

One-shoulder styles also have an elongating effect — they draw eyes up and down. Therefore, this style is ideal for petite women. One-shoulder swimsuits are trendy and add a twist to your overall vacation wardrobe. Go for solid colors, or go bold by rocking a one-shoulder swimsuit with vibrant color blocking or an animal print.

5. Wrap-Style

Wrap-style swimsuits are popular for plenty of women. However, for petite women, a wrap effect creates curves. If slimming and flattering your curves are your goals, and you can look for other features in addition to wrap-styled swimsuits. A belted swimsuit, for example, will help flatter your curves. Also, tummy control swimwear and shirring will smooth your curves.

6. Swim Dress

Rocking a modest swim dress is a wonderful way to remain both covered and chic. Swim dresses are available in plenty of stylish colors, prints, and patterns. Plus, they style perfectly with designer sunglasses and sun hats when you are lounging under the sun. Swim dresses usually feature a slimming swimsuit underneath and a dress overlay.

7. High-Waisted Bottom

High-waisted bottoms are still in style. They have a retro flair and are universally flattering. High-waisted swim bottoms make legs appear longer by raising the waistline; therefore, this style is ideal for you if you have shorter legs. Stock your vacation-ready closet with your favorite high-waisted bottoms. Mix and match them with tankini swim tops, bikini tops, halter tops — whatever you like!

8. Triangle Bikini Top

Triangle bikini tops may offer minimum coverage. However, they are ideal for petite women because they help draw attention away from your shorter features. In addition, they can be adjusted to your comfort level and ideal flattering fit. Triangle bikini tops come in plenty of styles to try, such as strappy tops, styles with scalloped edging, ruched styles, and more.

9. Deep V-Neck Swimwear

A deep V-neck swimsuit will elongate your neck and torso, making this style ideal for petite women. Plus, plunging V-necklines look chic and usually do not feature thin straps that may slip off your shoulders (if that’s one of your top concerns). Choose a swim top or one-piece swimsuit that features a deep V-neck to flatter your body.

Choosing stylish petite swimsuits will undoubtedly elevate your experience. Plus, learning how to take care of your swimwear will extend their life so that you can rock them time and time again. Quality swimsuits with a chorine-resistant fabrication tend to last longer than average. Also, if you have other concerns, look for a specific swimsuit that will aid you. For example, if you have sensitive skin or desire ultimate protection from the sun, rash guards or swimsuits with UPF protection will allow you to play all day under the sun with confidence.

Match your swimsuit with equally stylish accessories — such as chic beach cover-ups, tote beach bags, sunglasses, and sandals. You have plenty of swim cover-up styles to choose from, such as a cardigan cover-up, cover-up pants, or a kaftan. Pick the right swimsuits and accessories for a more confident and comfortable experience.

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