Presents for Pets: 9 Gift Ideas

Presents for Pets: 9 Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for the nonhuman member of your family doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, most pets will love nothing more than some extra affection directed their way. However, a small gift can bring you joy as you show your appreciation for your favorite pet.

1. Personalized Food Bowls

For dogs and cats, a personalized food bowl with a food mat makes for a wonderful little gift. It not only spruces up your home, but it also brings a personal touch to your pet’s everyday routine. Buy ceramic or metal bowls that offer anti-microbial finishes, so you don’t get potentially harmful bacteria building up on your pet’s food dishes. If you have an animal that's either super small or beautifully big, be sure they can comfortably eat from the bowl, taking both the bowl's height and depth into consideration.

2. Toys that Last

When it comes to selecting your coveted pet’s toys, there’s a lot to think about. For dogs and cats, consider textures, sounds, and ways in which your pet likes to play. Select toys with a durable reputation that include their favorite textures or squeaks. For fish, birds, and animals that spend most of their time in a cage, think about their favorite hangout spots. Select a toy or accessory that gives them exercise, privacy, and intrigue.

3. Go on an Adventure

For pets that spend time outside of the house, take them on a dog’s day out! Go for a hike, head out on a camping trip, or hit the road to an exciting destination. If you plan to get dirty, bring along a monogrammed bath towel with your pup's name to get them clean and cozy for the way home. This trip isn’t just a gift for your pet, but it’s also an adventure for you. Make memories instead of buying things and bring your pet the gift of an adventure.

4. Make Their Favorite Treat

Making tasty, wholesome treats for your pet is an easy way to bring them the snacks and flavors they love. Get to baking and make delicious, healthy dog and cat treats. Use creative ways to come up with delicious treats for fish, birds, and other animals. Just be sure to use healthy ingredients.

5. Take Them Shopping

Pets love to shop too! Take them to their favorite treat store or toy store and spoil them silly. Let them sniff to their heart’s content while you pick out the perfect toy or snack. This not only gets your pet out of the house, but it’s a way for the two of you to bond together.

6. Cozy Comfort

Give the gift of comfort with a new pet bed or playground toy. Pet beds tend to wear out, making it more difficult to get comfortable over time. Upgrade their sleeping situation and move the old bed to a new location in the house. Take note if your dog or cat likes to have sidewalls for security, or prefers to sprawl out, and select a bed that fits their sleeping and lounging style. For a personalized bonus, get a custom, monogrammed blanket for the prince and princess of your household.

7. Accessorize with Functional Items

Update older items such as collars, leashes, and dog harnesses. Select a stylish setup and match your fleece jacket with your pet’s personal swagger (like their dog jacket) suited for your favorite outdoor activity together. Get a collar or harness that is properly fitted and well-suited for your style of activity and play. Or you can pick up a compactable food bowl, blanket, or pet carrier for travel or the outdoors. The more functional items you have for your adventures, the more comfort you can bring to your pet.

8. Have a Dog’s Day

Plan a day just for Fido. Make an itinerary that covers all their favorite things, from belly rubs to special treats. Schedule it out so you can hit all the highlights. Consider going to the dog park so your pup can hang with some friends or opt to go for a hike and spend some much-needed, relaxing time in nature. Bring your pup on a dog-focused shopping spree to load up on their favorite treats and buy a new toy. Round out the day with a play date and plenty of snuggles. They will love all the special attention and you will enjoy making long-lasting memories with your best friend.

9. Get New Digs

For cats and caged animals, consider an upgrade to their playset. For cats, get a new and exciting scratching post with plenty of places to perch and play. For caged animals, bring them a new and exciting place to hide or play, such as a pirate ship for fish, or a new set of tunnels for small rodents. You can even consider upgrading their cage to something larger and more exciting. If your pet seems to dream all day long, gift them a throw pillow for their throne or cage.

When it comes to spoiling your pet with presents, the sky is the limit. There’s no wrong way to go, as long as the gift shows your pet their special place in your heart.

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