6 Best Patterns for Flannel in 2023

6 Best Patterns for Flannel in 2023

Flannel is the winter months’ most versatile fabric. Who doesn’t love wrapping themselves in a cozy flannel shirt? Or hanging around the house in some comfy flannel loungewear? The winter holidays wouldn’t be complete without some matching family flannel pajamas. Flannel is that fabric that makes you think of snowcapped mountains and woodsy escapes, even if you’re just enjoying the view from your comfy couch.

For roasting ’mallows over a bonfire or staying cozy indoors, there are tons of different flannel prints to choose from. You can match the print and the color to your activity—a deep navy blue Fair Isle print for a seaside stroll or a rich emerald green for a woodland hike. From buffalo checks to animal prints to traditional plaid, there are options to match your every mood, whether you’re at home or outside.

Buffalo Check

This pattern is one of the classics. It’s bold, it’s graphic, and anyone can wear it. It’s what everyone thinks of when you’re planning an outdoor camping adventure or toasty bonfire with friends and music. Buffalo check has been a cabin-chic mainstay for many years and is returning to trend this year. The best part? Every possible color combination imaginable is out there for a stylish profile, from tucked in with some high-rise jeans to pair it with some easy pants for reading in your home’s best-hidden nook.

This iconic pattern looks especially great on some cozy flannel women’s loungewear. Look for bold colors like blue, red, or yellow to make lounging around the house extra stylish.

Traditional Plaid

The pattern you’ve all been waiting for: traditional plaid. Think lumberjack meets practicality. A traditional plaid on a men’s flannel shirt serves up all the right outdoorsmen vibes. A strapping charcoal plaid looks great with some rugged jeans or can even be suited up for a casual dinner out. The artisan plaid offers a bit of an elevated look—check out the pewter heather or the athletic gold, both have one central color with added complementary colors in the stripes.

Any number of color combinations from bold cobalt blues or mesa pinks and reds or diode pink plaids are available on women’s flannel shirts, too. There are more subdued versions, too, if bright and cheery isn’t a match—a rich steel multi plaid or calming blueberry check makes traditional plaid an option for every day of the week.


This pattern always comes in two colors, making it twice as fun. Houndstooth looks a bit like a buffalo check getting ready to party. Some of our best men’s houndstooth patterns are offered in deep-sea navy, light stone, or woodland green. Layer the houndstooth with sharp chambray collared shirt underneath for a more complex look. Finally, finish it off with some men’s chinos offered in a variety of colors like burnt caramel or rust red for a pop of color.

We haven’t forgotten about the moms in the household. Go for a long-sleeved boyfriend cut or a women’s sweater. Layer it with a collared shirt underneath and a boxy barn coat for a visit to the local apple orchard. Bring those crisp apples home for cider making, delicious pies, or decorating your dining table’s centerpiece.

Fair Isle

Fair Isle is definitely the most whimsical of the flannel prints. It often features horizontal stripes and patterns like snowflakes and intricate geometric designs that look like they came straight from the north pole. Women’s flannel shirts boast some great Fair Isle patterns in rich hues like deep-sea navy with bold red and sky blue.

Fair Isle patterns are great for accessories too. Rock a fabulous pom pom winter hat in a jewel tone purple with a fierce moose pattern.


Flannel prints aren’t just for adults. And they aren’t just all about plaids and stripes. Get the kids ready for their fall school pictures in something they will think is pajamas but serves up some polished and playful vibes. Let your little girl in on the best-kept secret in girls’ dresses: they come in flannel, too. She’ll no doubt fall for two adorable plant prints: aqua breeze sunflowers and deep-sea navy autumnal leaves.

We haven’t forgotten about you, though, don’t worry—a sorrel floral print on a women’s long-sleeved flannel is as cute as it is comfy. The kids will love the extra warm hugs too.

Flannel patterns are as diverse as they are colorful. The autumn and winter months are the perfect time to try them all.


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