Best Pajamas for Christmas Morning

Best Pajamas for Christmas Morning

The best pajamas for Christmas morning will be cute, cozy, and perfect for Christmas photos and celebrating the holiday in comfy pieces. Whether you opt for matching family Christmas pajamas or choose different styles to let everyone’s individuality shine through, there are lots of options for women, men, and kids this season. Use these tips to help you decide on the best ones.

Consider Pajamas for Christmas Morning Photo Ops

Whether you want to take fun photos of the kids looking excited at the presents Santa left under the tree or you want a posed family photo of everyone on Christmas morning, there are lots of great photo opportunities on this holiday. If you want photos to frame, send to others, or post on social media, you want them to look their best. Consider matching pajamas, pajamas in coordinating fabrics or colors, or similar colored pajama tops and bottoms for everyone in the family (don't forget to coordinate the accessories, like slippers and boys' and girls' robes, too).

Get Styles That Are Both Cute and Comfortable

Choose pajama options that are fun and stylish so you look your best for those unexpected Christmas snapshots, but don’t forget that comfort is key. Celebrate with loved ones by wearing PJs that are well-constructed and made in durable, comfortable fabrics. Consider warm and cozy flannel pajamas, soft knits, lightweight cotton, rib knits, French terry, and fleece. Look for designs that are lightly structured so they have a stylish look but aren't restrictive or uncomfortable.

Deciding on Short or Long Sleeves for Christmas Morning

Another consideration is whether to opt for short- or long-sleeved pajama tops, and shorts or full-length pajama pants for bottoms. Ladies and girls may also want to consider cute Christmas nightgowns or sleep dresses. The choice will depend on a number of factors –such as how warm you keep the house in winter if there is a fireplace in the room where the morning celebrations will take place, and personal temperature preferences. Many people opt for long sleeve shirts and full-length PJ pants because it feels more like a casual outfit, and they can easily stay warm even if handing out gifts, pouring coffee, or doing other Christmas morning festivities.

Festive Styles Make Christmas Morning Even More Special

Christmas only comes once a year, so there’s just something special about all the fun and festive Christmas themes in which pajamas come. From plaids to fair isle prints to winter scenes and Christmas animals, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for women’s pajamas with a subtle pant print and solid-colored bottoms, matching fleece men’s pajamas, or adorable Christmas-y designs in boys or girls' pajamas, festive-themed PJs add a special touch to the magic of Christmas day. Keep some cozy winter throws on hand as well to keep the mood warm and bright.

Get a Set of PJs for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

If you want to spend Christmas morning celebrating in pajamas, you might not want to wear the ones you’ve worn all night, which might be a bit wrinkled. Feel your fresh best and still be cute and cozy by buying two sets of PJs – one to wear on Christmas Eve, and a fresh, festive pair you can don in the morning. An added benefit to this is that if you are taking pictures on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, the family will be in different PJs, which will add variety to the photos.

Turn to Easy Mix and Match Styles

There are lots of colors and styles to choose from with holiday pajamas, and while it’s important to coordinate at least a little bit, you can easily make a variety of different looks work for Christmas morning photos. For example, you could choose a couple of main color options and allow the family to choose different styles to suit them. Or, stick with one main print, such as plaid or a winter theme, and have everyone wear solid colored tops with their choice in prints. Moms may want to match with their daughters, or dads with their little guys. Couples may want to get in on the Christmas pajama train, too, and get matching or coordinated looks. There are lots of fun choices, so you can’t go wrong.

Don’t Forget Your Family Pet!

Pets often participate in the fun on Christmas morning too, so make sure to include your sweet furry pals when buying pajamas for Christmas morning. Get Fido or Meow a fun pet bandana, pet vest, pet jacket, or cable knit sweater so she can look cute on Christmas along with the rest of the family.

Christmas Morning Made Easy

Forget about having to dress up in stuffy styles to celebrate Christmas morning. Enjoy the holiday with cute styles and comfortable designs when you make Christmas pajamas part of your holiday tradition.


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