Best Pajamas for Chilly Evenings

Best Pajamas for Chilly Evenings

Snuggling up in a cozy pair of pajamas under your warm blankets as you get into bed or watch a movie on the couch is arguably one of the best parts of cold evenings. Chilly fall evenings and nighttime all winter long call for warm, cozy, and comfortable women’s pajamas. Waking up on a cold winter morning is much more pleasant when waking up in fleece or flannel.

Having the right robe to wear over your pajamas can help you unwind in the evenings and make your morning routine feel as if you have extra time under the covers. Choosing the right pajamas and robes for your body and your temperature preferences is key.


A nightgown is great for those who love to snuggle into a ball under a gown of flannel or Supima cotton. A short nightgown is perfect for those who may have difficulty cooling down with the heat and a heavy comforter. A midcalf nightgown is ideal for those looking to curl their knees inside and curl up on the couch for a movie night. You might even choose to wear a short nightgown with pants for extra warmth while you're relaxing and lounging around the house. Remember—there are no rules when it comes to pajamas!


The best way to keep warm is with a cozy flannel pajama set or pajama pants paired with a knit long-sleeved shirt. Flannel is certainly warm but also breathable to add to your comfort all night long. Flannel pajama pants with or without a coordinating top are often a favorite. Paired with a knit top in a similar color or your favorite old T-shirt, flannel pajama pants let you have flexibility in both what you’re wearing and physically in your movement as you roll around in your sleep. Matching flannel tops and bottoms are cute for Christmas morning or posing for that holiday card. You'll have plenty of options to choose from if you need to find matching outfits for everyone in the family.

Cotton Pajamas

Not everyone is a flannel fan—some prefer the soft, breathable option of cotton. Jersey knit long-sleeved shirts and pants are made of 95% cotton with some spandex to offer a bit of stretch and extra comfort. Cotton provides warmth, but not too much warmth for those who don't like to be too warm as they sleep. The Poplin pajama pants come in cute patterns and colors to change up your nightly wardrobe routine.


No matter which pajamas you chose to best serve you during a chilly winter evening, a women’s robe is a must-have for all women. Having a bathrobe near your bed to grab as you face the cold air and get out of bed makes it a little more bearable. And a cotton terry robe is perfect for those chilly evenings when you step out of your warm shower as you begin to get ready for bed or in the morning as you make your cup of coffee and perhaps get the kids ready for school.

A cotton knee-length bathrobe is perfect if you want another layer but do not want to be too warm in a thick, calf-length robe. A cotton long robe adds just a bit more warmth, covering your legs to your mid calves. If the ultimate warmth and cozy is your goal in finding the perfect robe, the sherpa-lined flannel robe is what you need.

Pajamas are often our only clothes not seen by the outside world. However, they are some of the most important clothes we own. Staying warm or staying cool as you sleep can affect how much sleep you get and possibly, more importantly, the quality of your sleep. Regulating your body’s needs through your pajamas is essential. In addition, having the right movement while wearing your pajamas is a game-changer. Some feel restricted in a long nightgown, whereas others love the openness on their legs when wearing a nightgown to sleep.

Beyond sleepwear, having the right robe to relax in before bed as you snuggle up with your family on the couch, or to put on in the chilly morning air as you turn on the coffee machine and get the kids ready for the day, is almost just as important as the pajamas you wear.

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