Best Outfits to Wear With a Statement Necklace

Best Outfits to Wear With a Statement Necklace

Are you swapping out your seasonal clothes and wondering when was the last time you actually bought yourself something new and different? Or are you in the middle of a season, bored with your clothes, and simply wondering how you can switch up your style a bit?

If you’re tempted to toss everything in the trash and start over with a brand new wardrobe, save yourself the hassle. While a few new staples can help, such as a new blouse or pair of new women’s jeans, there’s no need to get rid of everything. The secret to making your wardrobe look fresh and new is to add something that makes a statement, taking the attention away from what you’re wearing and refocusing it on one key piece. Enter the statement necklace. If you have some great necklaces that you’ve been longing to wear, pull them out of the jewelry box. We have ideas for wearing them and the best outfits to wear them with.

What is a Statement Necklace?

A statement necklace is basically any type of necklace that attracts attention and draws someone’s eyes to it as the focal point of an outfit. Sometimes they’re bold and come in bright or shiny colors. Sometimes they’re chunky. Just know that if you have some necklaces that you love but maybe you were too timid to wear or thought were just a little “too much,” it’s time to alter your way of thinking. Use those necklaces to transform your outfit and your entire look.

Upgrade a Simple Top

One of the easiest ways to wear a statement necklace is to rely on the basic women’s T-shirt. Sure, it may be simple but think of how extremely versatile it is. We wear them with jeans, under cardigans, and even with skirts. But if you’re worried that people are starting to notice that you’re wearing the same T-shirt over and over again, give them something to shift their focus on, like a statement necklace. It also works great for taking your daytime look to night time. So if you’re hanging out at home during the day in jeans and a T-shirt and a friend calls you up asking if you could meet her at the last minute, throwing on a statement necklace is all you really need to do to get ready to go out.

Show It Off With a V-Neck

When it comes to what type of neckline your shirt should have to show off a statement necklace, it really depends on the length of the necklace. If it is shorter in length and hangs around your collar bone, a V-neck women’s blouse can really show it off. Anything too long might look a bit awkward with a V-neck, as both the neckline and necklace will be competing for attention.

Strike Some Balance

One key tip when wearing a statement necklace is to avoid overdoing it. That means don't wear anything else that may be making a statement on its own, whether it be earrings, a bracelet, or even the clothes you’re wearing. After all, bold, bright patterns on clothing combined with a bold, bright statement necklace can be a little too much. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear other jewelry though. Small studs are fine, as is a watch or a simple silver or gold bracelet, as long as it matches the necklace.

Remember That Opposites Attract

The shape of a necklace can make a statement on its own, especially if it's worn with a plain high-necked dress like a shift dress or a simple shirt dress. A classic, simple dress like this begs for a necklace with geometric shapes like triangles or chunky squares to offer some contrast.

Think Timeless

When you think of pearls, who do you think of? Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, or perhaps Jackie Kennedy? Pearl necklaces are quite possibly the most classic statement necklace out there. If you have some pearls that have been passed down in your family, there’s no reason to keep them locked away. Show them off and make a statement!

A statement necklace can be the star of an otherwise simple outfit, so instead of discarding your older clothes, clean out your jewelry box to see what necklaces you can pair with them to make new, exciting ensembles.


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