4 Best Outfits to Wear to an Office Party

4 Best Outfits to Wear to an Office Party

We all know and love the office party. It’s where it all happens—you can finally relax a bit and get to know your colleagues outside the conference room and lunch meetings. You learn about everyone’s hobbies and what softball leagues to join (or not!). You’ll want to hit that perfect balance of dazzling everyone with your evening style choices while keeping it crisp and professional. Whether the party is for a birthday, someone’s retirement, or a seasonal celebration, there are fantastic options to let your out-of-office personality shine through.

If the party is at a colleague’s home, it’s always smart to bring a small gift of appreciation along with your own personal style. If the gathering is at a public place like a park or the local café, you can swing some casual looks that will leave everyone asking how you got to be so stylish. (And soon, the boss will be asking you for fashion tips.) Read on for four perfect looks for your office shindig.

Layered Sophistication

Whether at a fancy party or a casual picnic, a fantastic way to add visual interest to any outfit is to do it in the details. A classic, silky blouse is a great place to start. Pick one that has a split neck or a keyhole for a little bit of extra flair while socializing with your workmates. Fun prints and florals show off your personality too. Pair the blouse with a super trendy midi skirt, which transitions well from office to party in a snap. A stylish pair of boots is a can’t-miss with the skirt, too, and our fit-and-flare long wool coat completes the look and helps keep you warm when the sun goes down.

Bold Colors

If the party features a sweeping patio or rooftop bar, go big with this next look. Punch it up with some bright colors, and you’ll be the star of the night. Our fabulous fit-and-flare dresses come in an array of colors and patterns that will keep you feeling fresh. Think of jewel-toned greens with bright pinks or ocean blues with deep yellows—it’s all about confidence in your color choices. Check out the ¾-sleeve twist-front dress in deep teal or rustic cheetah. If you’re feeling extra bold, throw on a pair of contrasting colored earrings for that major “wow factor”—or some fabulous gold hoops or silver chandelier earrings. Keep it super trendy by adding ankle boots and maybe even a slick leather jacket. Wouldn’t it be great to know that your workmates can see your fun side? We sure think so. Watch out, colleagues; there’s a new sheriff in town.

From Inside to Outside

This next look is ideal for an afternoon party at a café or casual restaurant where you might be moving between indoor and outdoor seating for socializing. A sweet look that will keep you feeling comfortable starts with one of our tunic tops. Go for one with a cap-sleeve pintuck for an easy sleeve with a bit of detail at the neckline—plus with fantastic prints like Baltic-teal tie-dye and aqua breeze, you’ll be feeling as lively as you do stylish.

A fabulous pair of straight-leg jeans with some leather mules tie this look together like you didn’t even think about it twice. If you don’t want to deal with your hair, throw on a trendy bucket hat in a coordinating color. And the last bit to finish it off is an open long cardigan sweater—the length gives you some swing and movement as you walk, plus protection from chilly breezes as you chat with workmates about the latest in restaurants and movies.

A Bit of Glam

This last look is the show stopper. Elevate your party personality with the one and only pencil skirt. It’s one of the most fashionable ways to keep you feeling sleek and professional but fun and bold too. The iconic look for the pencil skirt is an Oxford cut, short-sleeve women’s shirt. Tuck it in for the most polished finish. If it’s a cool evening or wintertime party, pair the skirt with a boatneck sweater—check out one with a button neck for some extra detailed interest.

Add some glitz by wearing a pair of super chic earrings that offers some serious sparkle or a daring metallic statement necklace. When it comes to your feet, this classic and contemporary look is best suited with a pair of mid-calf or tall boots. Be sure to wear boot socks for extra cushion. Finally, this look needs one more addition. A shawl wrap scarf means you mean business. Wear it loose, or throw one side over your shoulder for some drama. The water cooler talk will be busy the next day for sure.

Any of these looks at your office party will be a hit, whether you’re in for a long night or a casual evening. Style is always for inside and outside the office.


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