Best Outfits for Low-Intensity Workouts

Best Outfits for Low-Intensity Workouts

Pull out your yoga mat, strap on your comfiest sneakers, and grab a bottle of water because it’s time to work up a sweat. We’re talking about working out and not the kind that leaves you completely drained of electrolytes and limping the next day. Sometimes, you just need something a little gentler on your joints (or your floors, if you have downstairs neighbors). Sometimes, you’re looking to get in a great low-intensity workout.

And what do you need for your low-intensity workouts? Comfy outfits, of course. The next time you try to fit in a pilates, yoga, or light cardio workout, you should dress for the activity in something loose, lightweight, and breathable so you can achieve maximum comfort. The last thing you need during your low-intensity workout is an uncomfortable sports bra or bicycle shorts. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our five best outfits for low-intensity workouts.

Before You Shop

Are you ready to add all our favorite outfits to your cart and call it a day? Take a step back before choosing your next activewear sets and consider the most important thing: what activity or activities will you be doing in these new outfits? Make a list of your sports or workouts and determine what makes you the most relaxed and comfortable while you’re doing them. If you sweat a lot, you’ll want to wear breathable clothing or even sweat-wicking. If you get cold or are exposed to the elements, you’ll want something a little warmer, or even something with fleece. No matter how you get your body moving, one of these outfits (or even a few of them) should be the perfect fit for you.

Leggings and a Comfy T-Shirt

Say hello to the comfiest of comfy workout outfits—the leggings and comfy t-shirt combo. This outfit will serve you well in so many low-intensity workouts, from pilates to rollerskating to badminton. The leggings should be breathable and high-waisted for maximum comfort. We even recommend purchasing the t-shirt in a size or two up from what you normally wear to maximize your mobility for the activity you’re pursuing. Try a color combination you might not normally wear outside of the gym. Perhaps bright fuchsia florals or cobalt blue with mesh? Trust us; the fun colors will motivate you to strap on those sneakers and get your heart rate up.

Yoga Pants and a Tank Top

Ready to practice your downward dogs and sun salutations? Grab your women’s yoga pants and a tank top and head to the studio. The comfortable clothing will help you bend and stretch into all the positions you’re working on (hello, crow pose, we’ll master you one day). Now that’s what we call a great sweat sesh. We love this combo with dark pants, like black or navy, and a graphic tank. When can we finish with our favorite position—savasana?

Capri Yoga Pants and a Long-Sleeve Tee

Is your low-intensity workout taking place outdoors, or do you tend to get chilly easily? Capri yoga pants and a long-sleeve tee may be the right choice for you. The capris are still breathable enough in case you work up a sweat, but the long-sleeve tee will keep you comfortable if the wind picks up or the thermostat dips during your workout. We’re imagining long walks with the dog or casual bike rides in this outfit.

Athletic Shorts and a Loose-Fitting Tank Top

Is your low-intensity workout still getting your heart rate up? When you’re working on your crunches or your wall sits, things heat up quickly. That’s why athletic shorts paired with a loose-fitting tank top is a great option. Even when you work up a sweat, you’ll stay cool and collected. Try a pop of neon for your shorts and a neutral tank for a great summery look.

Sweatshirt and Sweatpants Set

When it’s chilly outside, and you need to warm up while you do your warm-ups, consider a matchy-matchy look with a sweatshirt and sweatpants set. You can stick to the trends with something tie-dyed or choose the set in your favorite colors, like pastel pink, mint green, light gray, or navy. This combo is perfect for keeping your muscles warm and relaxed while you attempt those extra-bendy positions.

No matter the outfit you choose for your next workout, just remember that the time you spend on your body keeping it healthy and active is the most important thing. Spend at least 30 minutes five days a week on getting your body moving, and you’ll notice a difference. Looking cute while you do it? That’s all gravy (speaking of—when’s our post-workout snack?).


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