Best Outfits to Wear When Doing Home Repairs

Best Outfits to Wear When Doing Home Repairs

Stay comfortable when doing DIY projects around the house with the right apparel. We’ve compiled some tips to help you choose the best men’s and women’s outfits for making home improvements.

Make It Machine Washable

One of the most important features to look when selecting apparel for working around the house is a machine-washable fabric. You’re likely to get your clothes dirty when doing home repairs, so convenient laundering is a must. Both cotton and polyester are machine washable, as are fabric blends containing rayon and nylon.

Another thing to look for is a stain-resistant fabric. Some men’s and women’s shirts repel stains while also preventing odor-causing bacteria. These fabrics also usually have a wrinkle-resistant finish, so there’s no need for ironing.

If you happen to spill something on your work clothes, try to get them laundered as quickly as possible. The same goes for wet clothing; the sooner you get it washed, the less chance it will mildew and/or develop a musty odor. It’s a good idea to have several outfits for doing work around the house so that you can change clothes and continue working if one outfit gets too dirty or wet to wear.

Select Sturdy, Stretchy Fabrics

You’ll also want a fabric that’s durable when working around the house. Supima cotton is one such fabric, thanks to its long-staple fiber. It’s also colorfast, so it won’t fade even after repeated washings. You’ll find women’s and men’s T-shirts crafted from Supima cotton in a variety of styles and colors.

Cotton/polyester blends are also good for wearing while making home improvements. A blended fabric provides the best qualities of each, such as the softness and breathability of cotton and the durability of polyester. There are men’s and women’s loungewear and activewear that can be worn for almost any occasion, including while working on repair projects.

Denim is another work-appropriate fabric. It’s machine washable, durable, and comfortable—especially when you choose men’s or women’s jeans with features such as elastic around the waist or a hint of spandex in the fabric. Women’s skinny jeans are perhaps the most comfortable type of jean for wearing while doing work around the house, and they go with most any type of top.

You can also wear women’s yoga pants and a fitted tee for working around the house. Or, go for a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, especially if it’s cool. Layering women’s sweatshirts over T-shirts can provide even more options; if you get too hot while working, remove the sweatshirt and work in the tee. You can tie your sweatshirt around your waist or your shoulders for a practical yet preppy style.

Men can stay comfortable in a pair of joggers. When it comes to tops, men’s sweatshirts or T-shirts are always a good option. These activewear essentials come in sizes to fit every body type, including big and tall. Guys also have plenty of jean options, including straight leg, skinny, and relaxed fit styles.

Wear Sun Protection Clothing for Outdoor Repairs

If you’re going to be working outside, choose a top with UPF 50+ for added sun protection. Although sun protection fabrics don’t eliminate the need for sunscreen, they do provide UV protection for covered areas of the body. There are men’s and women’s polo shirts that offer sun protection, and many of them also have odor protection and moisture-wicking properties. They come in a rainbow of colors and are available in short- and long-sleeve styles.

For hot days, you may want a pair of shorts when working outside. Men can stay comfortable in performance shorts made from a cotton/polyester/spandex blend fabric. This material has a slight stretch and a half-elastic waist for freedom of movement and a comfortable fit. Two hip pockets let guys carry small items, and the above-the-knee length provides ample coverage.

Women can wear Bermuda shorts in a versatile khaki or denim color. Capri pants are another option for working outside on warm days. Look for cropped pants with an elastic waist and spandex-enhanced fabric for optimum comfort. Tank tops or a women's cotton blouse pairs well with women’s Bermuda shorts and capri pants.

A Word About Footwear

Comfortable, durable shoes are also a must for doing home repairs. You’ll want footwear that protects your feet and allows for great airflow. Other features to look for include a cushioned footbed and rubber outsole with plenty of tread to help you keep a firm footing. When it comes to shoe styles, you can choose from sneakers and boots for men and women. Consider the season and weather conditions when shoe shopping, and pick something that you’re most comfortable wearing.

No matter what kinds of home improvements you’re doing, you can stay comfortable and stylish in the right apparel. Shop around to find durable denim and soft, breathable activewear for all your demanding activities. Many of the outfits you can wear for home improvements can be worn for other occasions, such as your next workout or a day of running errands.


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