The Best Office Outfits for Fall

Best Office outfits for fall

As the warm summer days give way to the crisp cool temperatures of fall, you may find yourself struggling with the seasonal transition’s effect on your office wardrobe. Dressing for the in-between seasons, during which you may have a freezing cold morning commute followed by a blazing warm afternoon, can be a pain. However, dressing for work during this unpredictable season doesn’t have to be such a daunting task.

Besides keeping an extra cardigan at the office, what key pieces can help you seamlessly transition into cooler weather at work this fall? Here are some excellent fall office outfit ideas to keep you comfortable and stylish all season long.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Whether you are headed to work at the office, or you are having an all-day outdoor fall adventure, as soon as the temperature starts to drop, we should all be looking for fashionable ways to adapt by adding layers to our outfits. We all know how fluctuating fall weather can be, so be prepared by layering up! Dress in layers that will be easy to take on and off as the temperature changes throughout your workday.

In the warmer months, you may head to the office in a button-up shirt or blouse with a suit jacket or blazer over top. Now that the temperature is rapidly cooling, however, you’ll want to add at least an extra layer to your look, without adding too much bulk.

A buttery soft cashmere sweater is the perfect addition to your office wardrobe. These sweaters are cozy, and chic, and will keep you warm without overheating or adding unnecessary bulk to your professional look. You may also want to consider the additional layer of leggings or tights under your slacks or pencil skirt as well.

Be Prepared For That Pesky Ever-changing Fall Weather

Autumn weather is notoriously unpredictable, isn’t it? Don’t be fooled by the crisp sunny morning as you head out for your commute. Be prepared for a grey and blustering or rainy afternoon every day this season with a weather-proof outer shell. Stay warm and dry with a sleek and stylish raincoat.

Fashionable Fall ‘Fits

Dressing for the office in the fall doesn’t have to be all about practical layering either. Sure you want to stay comfy and warm, but you can do so while also looking professional and chic. One of the best things about fall weather is the fun and fabulous fall outfits you can piece together.

What fabric says autumn fashion is better than corduroy? We love earthy, fall-colored corduroy pants paired with a crisp white oxford shirt for a fabulous fall office look. Throw a cozy sweater on over it and you’re ready for work. Alternatively, a corduroy skirt paired with some silky but warm tights paired with the same button-down and a sweater or a blazer on top is another way to incorporate this fabulous fall fabric into your office attire.

It’s likely already too cold to keep wearing your strappy heels, but you don’t want to go to the office in your winter boots either, right? A Chelsea boot is a great compromise and a super chic fall footwear option. There is virtually nowhere the Chelsea boot isn’t an appropriate footwear choice. Equal parts practical and modish, this style can complement any outfit.

The Best Fall Outfits To Wear If You Work From Home

If you are someone who works from home these days you may have a slightly different fall wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you don’t also need to make similar seasonal transitions to stay both comfortable and fashionable. Even if you work from home, it’s likely you still have occasional client or at least team member-facing meetings that you need to prepare for. The best outfits for a work-from-home fall aren’t all too different.

We recommend investing in some comfy loungewear for your “camera off” work-from-home days. At least invest in some comfy flannel, sweat pants, or yoga pants for most of your work-from-home days so you can stay cozy all day long. Isn’t that the fun of working from home?

For your camera-facing meetings and conference calls, always keep a pressed collared shirt nearby in your home office. If your home office is starting to feel chilly this time of year, you can always throw on a nice cashmere sweater over your button-up oxford, or keep a chic sweater vest handy as well.

Whether you commute to the office or work from home, incorporating these small transitional additions to your wardrobe will help you look and feel good all season long.


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