Best Monogrammed  Hanukkah  Gifts for Kids

Best Monogrammed Hanukkah Gifts for Kids

Are you looking for ways to make eight nights of Hanukkah gifts more special for your kids? A monogram makes gifts more fun, and it's an instant upgrade. Let’s look at eight great ideas for monogrammed Hanukkah gifts.


How do you make a comfy shirt extra special? Make it theirs with a monogram. Kids grow so fast, that chances are this will be a need-to-have and a nice-to-have gift. Give them the gift of a shirt that they'll want to wear for Hannukah and into the new year, too. If you'd like to give them a wardrobe staple that they'll enjoy wearing, consider a boys’ button-down shirt or a shirt for girls in a favorite color. A new white shirt will be comfy and also look great under a holiday sweater.

Keep cotton in mind as a great choice for kids’ shirts. As a first layer, it will be soft on their skin and breathe, making it the comfiest of choices. If you're looking for Hannukah gifts for adults, flannel shirts are wonderfully soft and are appreciated by all ages. They can also make fun matching family shirts for photos.


Why not give a monogrammed shirt on one evening and then a coordinating girls’ sweater or boys’ sweater the next evening for a fun (and practical) combination? If you have little brothers and sisters or nieces and nephews on your gift list, keep in mind that either matching sweaters or the same style of sweater in a different color for each kid will look adorable in photos. Blue and white sweaters would be delightful for Hanukkah and look great all winter long.

Pencil Pouches

Sometimes the little things make the best gifts! A monogrammed pencil pouch will make your little one feel special every time they open it up. This is a fun gift to buy because you can also fill it with any little items from cute pencils and pens to candy.

Lunch Boxes

Give them the gift of a cool lunch box for kids by choosing one in their favorite color and then putting their name on it. They can use it for everything from school to field trips to day trips.


Monogrammed backpacks are not only cooler than backpacks that aren’t personalized, but they're also easier to spot. Whether they're grabbing their backpack from a hook in your mud room, a locker or cubby at school, or a pile at practice, a monogrammed backpack makes it easier and more stylish.

Beach towels

Whether your family swims year-round or has a fun vacation on the calendar, a monogrammed beach towel can be the perfect Hanukkah gift for kids. Monogrammed beach towels are another gift that's great for the whole family. Choose beach towels in fun colors and designs and then have them personalized with anything from initials to a first name or nickname. They'll not only be fun but also make it easier to make sure that everyone has their towel when it comes to packing and using them.


For a comfy gift that they'll love, let those little feet slide into a pair of monogrammed kids’ slippers. You could also make a theme out of this by giving them comfy flannel pajamas and a new robe to go with their new slippers.

Bath products can go with this theme, too. Are your kids little enough that they like bath toys? For older kids, what about bubble baths or shower gels? Travel kits for cosmetics can make fun Hannukah gifts, too. Monogrammed hand towels and bath towels can be a nice bathroom upgrade. If you have siblings that share a bathroom, you can use both color coding and monogramming to help them keep whose towels are whose straight.


Help them have sweet dreams with monogrammed bedding. Keep them snuggled and warm all night long with new personalized bed sheets and blankets. This can give them a lovely gift and a winter refresh for their bedroom at the same time.

While you're updating their bedding, take a look around their room and think about how well it's organized. Could they use some new hangers or sweater boxes for their closet? Can they reach their clothes easily? If not, consider putting more items into drawers or cubbies or lowering hanging rods. Toy storage is another item to look at for a winter bedroom refresh for kids. Are there toys that they've outgrown that could be donated or stored for a younger sibling? Are there any broken toys that need to go? Baskets and cubbies can help organize toys and make for quicker clean-up times.

Monogramming will make your kids’ Hanukkah gifts more special. Hanukkah Sameach!


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