Best Monogrammed Gifts for Fall Weddings

Best Monogrammed Gifts for Fall Weddings

Fall is a popular season for weddings. The weather is milder and the changing leaves create stunning backdrops for photos. If you've been invited to celebrate any nuptials, you’re in for a treat. Preparing for weddings can be stressful, though. There’s a lot to consider, from your outfit to transportation arrangements. There is also the question of gifts. What is the best thing to give to the newlyweds to commemorate their special day? Personalized wedding gifts are always a great choice. With a simple monogram, for example, you can turn anything into a one-of-a-kind keepsake. This makes for a more endearing and memorable present. Read on to discover the best monogrammed gifts for fall weddings.

Cozy Throw Blanket

A personalized throw blanket makes a great wedding gift for any season, but especially in the fall. The weather is only going to get cooler, and now the happy couple has something to snuggle up in. Neutral colors are always a safe bet when it comes to choosing a blanket. Go for something made from soft, luxurious materials, like fleece, velvet, or chenille, for maximum coziness. Then, personalize it by adding a monogram of the couple’s initials or last name.

Leather Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a thoughtful, functional wedding gift. They make it easier to spot luggage on carousels at the airport. They can also be used to track bags that go missing. Whether the newlyweds are jetting off on their honeymoon or traveling during the holiday season, they’ll be covered. Leather luggage tags are durable and can be easily monogrammed with the couple’s initials. The monogram will make it even easier to keep track of their belongings. Look for styles that feature a privacy flap to keep personal details safe during transit.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Christmas is one of the first major holidays newlyweds will experience together after a fall wedding. Make it one to remember with a set of personalized Christmas stockings. There are so many beautiful themed designs to monogram, like reindeer, snowflakes, and gingerbread houses. As an extra special touch, gift the stockings together with a Christmas stocking holder or fill them with stocking stuffers. This can be anything from chocolates to travel-sized toiletries for the honeymoon.

Multipurpose Serving Tray

Turn a serving tray into a one-of-a-kind wedding gift by monogramming it with the couple’s initials. Now whenever the newlyweds entertain, they’ll have something special to use to serve guests food or drinks. Serving trays can also be used to organize or display household items, like photo frames, candles, and perfume. In the bathroom, for example, they can work as catch-alls for toiletries, or storage for fresh, rolled-up towels. When picking out a serving tray to monogram, look for ones made out of durable, long-lasting materials, like stainless steel or wood.

Comfy Pajamas Set

Fall is the perfect season to curl up on the couch and enjoy a good movie or book. When relaxing, there’s nothing cozier to wear than comfy pjs. Pajamas also make a great gift for newlyweds. They can take them on their honeymoon, or enjoy them at home. Add an extra special touch by monogramming the pajamas with the couple’s names or initials. You can also gift them with a pair of slippers or a tin of delicious hot chocolate.

Fluffy Bath Towels

There’s nothing better after a hot shower or bath than wrapping yourself in a fluffy bath towel. Ultra-soft, absorbent towels make a great gift for newlyweds building a new home and a life together. They’re useful and long-lasting, but also endearing. A set of monogrammed bath towels makes the gesture extra special. Roll them up and arrange them in a basket with a couple of washcloths to complete the gift set.

Custom Door Mat

Help the newlyweds personalize their home with a custom door mat. This is a great gift for fall weddings because the season and the rest of the year are filled with holidays. Now the couple has something extra special to decorate with come Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Door mats can be used to enhance any entranceway in the home. They also help limit the amount of dirt that enters, since guests have a place to wipe their shoes. Complete the gift with a monogram of the couple’s initials or a sweet, welcoming message.

Engraved Photo Frame

A photo frame that has been engraved or etched with the date of the wedding makes a beautiful keepsake for newlyweds. Now they have something unique to display their gorgeous wedding pictures in. Along with the date, you can also add a monogram of the couple’s initials or new titles. Photo frames made from glass, metal, or wood look elegant and match many different décor styles. They’re also durable and can be easily personalized. For an extra personal touch, gift the frame along with a disposable film camera for capturing future memories.

Whether you go for a cozy throw blanket or an engraved photo frame, the newlyweds will love their customized gift. They get to enjoy something uniquely theirs that also serves as a reminder of their special day. Explore a wide range of options to find the best fit. Now you have one less thing to worry about as you get ready for the big day.


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