Best Monogrammed Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

Best Monogrammed Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

For many of us, family is a huge part of what makes Christmas special. Family time probably looks different for each of us during the holidays, but there are likely a few traditions many of us share. Maybe for you and yours, it’s all about picking out the perfect tree and decorating the house with your partner and kiddos, or maybe you spend the holidays traveling to your parent’s home for a big family gathering with your siblings.

No matter how your family factors into your Christmas plans, they’re likely all on your holiday shopping list. And for your family members both near and far, there’s no better way to show how grateful you are for them than with personalized gifts.

For Your Kiddos (Or Nieces or Nephews)

Whether you’re shopping for your own kiddos or for any nieces or nephews in your family, you really can’t go wrong with a snazzy personalized backpack. Just like adults, kiddos love to head into the new year (or perhaps the new school term after their holiday breaks) with some new gear, and while a backpack is an extremely practical gift, a monogrammed backpack makes it an exciting one, too.

Pick a color or print that fits their budding personal aesthetics and speaks to their interests, like a galaxy or a unicorn print, and then add a personalized touch with their monogrammed initials. You can even take this gift to the next level by including some new pens or a new matching lunchbox inside of the backpack before you wrap it.

For Your Partner

Winter is a great time of year for nesting, which means there will be a lot of cozy days ahead for you and your partner! That’s why comfy loungewear is a great gift idea for your significant other, which is where a monogrammed flannel robe or a monogrammed pair of slippers come in.

Most of us aren’t great about refreshing our loungewear options for ourselves, so this is already a super thoughtful gift idea for your partner. If you’ve noticed that their go-to robe is a bit tattered or their slippers are looking a bit worn down, opt for monogrammed loungewear that fills a specific need for them. The personalized touch will make this cozy gift look and feel that much more thoughtful.

For Your Parents

Whether you’re seeing your parents over Christmas or not, it’s important to find them special gifts that’ll show how much you care. Even after we leave home and perhaps start families of our own, lots of parents still take the time to deck their homes out with holiday decorations. That’s why they’ll love receiving personalized Christmas stockings this holiday season.

Pick a Christmassy design that fits their aesthetic or vibe, and add a monogrammed touch to really elevate this gift. Personalized Christmas stockings are a festive gift that’ll instantly become their favorite holiday décor, and will help them feel the love for many Christmas mornings to come.

For Your In-Laws

Shopping for in-laws can be just as important as shopping for your own parents, and it’s always a safe bet to pick something for their home. Just like with loungewear, a lot of folks put off buying themselves new towels or bath linens, which is why monogrammed hand towels or monogrammed bath towels are such a perfect gift idea.

Opt for plush towels that’ll work for the color palette in their bathroom or guest bathroom. The monogrammed touch takes these everyday home essentials and transforms them into truly thoughtful gifts that they’ll absolutely adore.

For Your Siblings

If there’s one thing that we all really want when it comes to the holiday season, it’s comfy gifts that’ll make the winter feel that much cozier. So, for your siblings or your partner’s siblings, give the ultimate comfy gift with a stylish monogrammed throw blanket.

Everyone can appreciate a bit of added warmth during the colder months, so a plush, super-soft throw blanket is a gift that they’ll love to have nearby all season long. From their cold-weather lazy Sundays or holiday movie marathons, they’ll think of you every time they see the thoughtful monogram on their new favorite throw.

For Your Pets

When we say the whole family, we mean the whole family – including your furry, four-legged family members! While your doggo or your cat might not really “get” the monogrammed factor, they’ll definitely feel the love with personalized pet gifts.

Pets are such a special source of love and companionship year-round, so it’s important that they don’t feel left out on Christmas morning! From a personalized dog bed to a new flannel bandana, or a personalized treat jar full of your kitty’s favorite treats, these gifts are fun ways to include your pets during the holiday festivities.

Adding a personalized touch to a gift instantly makes it that much more thoughtful. Monogrammed Christmas gifts are an easy way to make your whole family feel extra loved this holiday season – no matter how you celebrate the season with them!


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