Best Men’s Shirts for Warm Weather

Best Men's Shirts for Warm Weather

With spring finally here, it’s time to add some breezy pieces to your wardrobe to replace the old worn attire from last year. The best part about spring-cleaning your closet is that it gives you an opportunity to shop and replace the old with the new. You can never have enough shirts when it comes to every man’s wardrobe, so if you’re looking for a few staple pieces to add to your closet, here are some spring-forward must-haves that you can wear throughout the summer season.

Bright Colors

This is the season of pastels and colorful hues. Men’s polo shirts in white are always a necessity, however, pastel colors, such as yellows, pinks, and powder blues, are the most trendy during spring and summer. You may also want to try colorful prints and patterns as this is the perfect time to transition out of the dark monochromatic colors you were wearing in the fall and winter. If bright colors aren’t your thing, try swapping out your dark greys for lighter greys and your dark blues such as navy to a cyan blue. Going brighter doesn’t necessarily mean going all out. A shade or two lighter in your favorite neutral colors can make a world of difference for spring. Keep in mind that darker colors tend to absorb heat. If you plan on spending the day outside, make sure to stick to lighter colors or plain white to be safe.

Lighter Fabrics

Ditch those thick flannel types of fabrics for lightweight cotton and linens. Since spring brings in warmer days, you want to make sure to stick to breathable fabrics in warmer weather. These types of fabrics tend to be more moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable on those hotter spring and summer days. Since spring also has its share of unpredictable weather, especially during the changeover to summer, adding a few layering pieces, such as men’s button-down shirts, allows you to wear two light tops to keep you warm and comfortable on those chilly days. These pieces will also come in handy when the weather transitions later on from summer to fall, so they’re great wardrobe pieces to have when those cooler days come around.

Some of those cool spring days may call for a men’s sports coat to be worn as an extra layer. When choosing a spring sports coat, be sure to swap out the lining you would wear in the winter for an unlined one so it’s a lot more comfortable. A cold day in spring is a lot different than a bitter cold day in winter, so you don’t want to layer as if it were a chilly day in the middle of December.

Shorter Sleeves

Men's T-Shirts are always a staple in every man’s spring and summer closet section. As casual as t-shirts may sound and feel, you should always add a few extra every now and then. Replace those t-shirts that have been worn so much that they no longer fit the same, have faded, have stretched out or are no longer flattering. The best part about t-shirts is that they can be worn for almost any occasion. There’s a reason why t-shirts are worn so much. Even on dressy occasions, they pair well with an unlined sports jacket for a warm night on the town, a casual Friday look at work, a family gathering at a relative’s house, a hang out with friends or a relaxing day at home. t-shirts are the most worn top by men so it’s only right that you replace them as they get worn out.

Dress Shirts

Speaking of warm nights on the town, when the occasion calls for a more dressy look, the men's easy-care shirt is dressy and lightweight enough to keep you cool and comfortable for your special date. The best part about the material on these shirts is that the no-iron finish keeps the shirt looking pressed while the moisture-wicking material keeps you dry. Another great feature is that this style comes in both long and short sleeves.

The men's button-down oxford is another great option because of its versatility. This style can be worn as a dressy ensemble or a casual outfit. The traditional fit allows for a more relaxed and comfortable fit. This style can be worn with denim and khaki pants, as well as cargo shorts for those warm weather barbeque days. At the same time, they can be worn with a pair of chinos for a dressy look.

Aside from styles and fabrics, be sure to pick tops that flatter your body type and that you feel the most comfortable in for your size. Whether you’re regular, tall or big and tall, it’s important that you feel as good as you look, and that’s why we have options for all sizes and styles.


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