Best Men’s Swim Shorts for Summer

Best Men’s Swim Shorts for Summer

Summer's the best time to break out those great swim shorts and can take on everything from water sports to soaking in the sun at the beach or pool. For guys, a great pair of swim shorts can also add confidence, comfort, and style to their summer look. Consider the following features and styles to get the best pair of swim shorts.

Classic Volley Swim Shorts

Volley swim shorts are often thought of as classic men’s swim trunks. These are great options for a number of reasons. The shorter length can help legs look longer and create a great silhouette. The shorts are also generally designed to fit somewhat closely to the body without being tight or restrictive, so they always look and feel great. Volley shorts are usually designed with an elastic waist and front ties, so they can be adjusted for a comfortable and secure fit. These swim trunks also come in a variety of lengths, commonly 6” to 8” inch inseams. Which length a guy chooses just depends on his comfort level and the style he likes best.

Men’s Board Shorts

Men’s board shorts are another popular look in men’s swimsuits. They have a cool, casual feel and are universally flattering. In most cases, board shorts are longer than standard swim trunks, so they are a good choice for guys who feel more comfortable in longer short styles. Since they are made of ultra-lightweight material, they won’t feel restrictive or heavy, even with the longer length. Since board shorts generally have a more fitted waist than standard swim trunks or volley shorts, paying attention to sizing is important. There is, however, usually a little wiggle room to adjust the waist using front ties, but they won’t drastically reduce or expand the waist size.

Cargo-Style Swim Shorts

Swim shorts done in a cargo style are perfect for guys looking for a more rugged design or who have the need for plenty of pockets in their swim shorts. From summer fishing to spending time at the beach, the extra storage these shorts have can prove helpful. Although they look just like typical cargo pants, in swim shorts they are designed with quick-dry materials to keep guys cool and comfortable. Waist features may include elasticized waistbands and adjustable built-in belts.

Color and Print Options in Guys’ Swim Trunks

Ladies aren’t the only ones with plenty of style choices when it comes to swimwear. Guys have options, too. Modern swim shorts for men come in a range of colors, patterns, prints, and styles. Some of the most popular styles include tropical prints, color block swim shorts, novelty prints, striped patterns, nautical looks, geometric designs, and ombre patterns. Colors include summer-worthy looks like teal and yellow alongside shades like red, royal blue, lime green, and pink.

Of course, classic neutral colors like navy, tan, and black are always popular. For the guy who can’t decide between a print and a solid, there are styles done mostly in a solid color but with an accent panel with a print or pattern as well. Any of these styles look fabulous with coordinating men’s rash guards or lightweight men’s t-shirts.

Features to Consider

In addition to length, cut, and color or pattern, there are lots of small details to consider when it comes to men’s swim shorts, too. For example, guys who want a lot of extra pockets may prefer a cargo style. Some shorts feature hidden pockets or interior pockets for coins or cell phones, so look at the details when shopping. Liners are another consideration; this is a matter of personal preference.

Many classic swim shorts are made with mesh liners, but styles vary, so check to see if the style has a liner or not before buying. Along with fabrics that are comfortable and durable, guys may want to look for materials that offer sun protection and hold up to chlorine and saltwater. It’s also essential that the trunks or shorts are made in a quick-dry fabric to ensure comfort in and out of the water. If your shores are rocky, grab a pair of swim shoes so your feet stay protected.

Look for Easy Care Styles

It’s a given that a guy’s swimwear is going to come in contact with sunlight, water, and sand, or dirt. That’s why it’s best to opt for shorts that are easy to care for and can be easily machine washed. To care for your shorts, treat spots and stains as soon as you notice them, and be sure to at least rinse them immediately after they’re submerged in chlorine, pond or lake water, or saltwater. You may not need to wash them after every use, especially if you use them frequently, but wash as needed to prevent stains and to keep them fresh.

Best Men’s Swim Shorts for Fun in the Sun

No matter which outdoor activities a guy prefers and his personal style preferences, there’s a pair of swim trunks out there perfect for him. From bright colors and trendy looks to classic swim trunks and functional cargo designs, men have the options they need to look great all summer long.

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