6 Best Men's Sweaters for Lazy Sundays

6 Best Men's Sweaters for Lazy Sundays

There are some words out there that just go so well together, like “ketchup” and “fries”, or “tropical” and “vacation”. When we think about these magical pairings, “lazy” and “Sundays” come to mind immediately. We can probably all agree that the workweek can be hectic, and often our weekends are stacked with social events, like catching up with friends, date nights, or family dinners. With so much going on all the time, it’s downright essential that we carve out time to do absolutely nothing, which is part of what makes lazy Sundays so special.

When you’re waking up on one of those perfect Sundays when you have nothing planned and nothing but lounging on the agenda, you’ll want to make it count by throwing on your peak loungewear. Comfy men's sweaters are ideal for kicking back on a Sunday at home, so read on for the best sweater options for these particularly lowkey lazy days.

A Pullover Crewneck Sweater

Every guy needs a few pullover crewneck sweaters in their closets, and these also happen to be a go-to lazy Sunday essential. These pullover sweaters are so easy to wear and are perfect for either layering or just throwing on as your top layer. The crewneck neckline is a classic style and these sweaters are available in a huge array of fabrics and fits. For a slow, lowkey Sunday, opt for one in a comfy cotton or cotton blend.

Go for a pullover men's cotton sweater with a bit of stretch. A fine gauge Supima cotton pullover crewneck, for example, is about as comfy as it gets. This fabric is comfortable enough to wear as-is, but with the crewneck neckline and a bit of stretch, you can also throw this on over a t-shirt or pajama top. If it’s an extra chilly day out (ideal weather for a Lazy Sunday, by the way!) you can complete this peak loungewear outfit with a men's robe for added warmth.

A Cozy Cardigan Sweater

If you already own a few men's cardigan sweaters, you already know that these sweaters are perfect for layering. A cardigan provides all of the comfort and warmth you need for a lowkey Sunday, all without any commitment, which is also a must for these lazy days.

Opt for a classic button-up cardigan sweater that you can throw on over a simple t-shirt or pajama top. As is true for any loungewear top, you’ll want to stick with a comfy-cozy fabric like cloudlike Supima cotton. You can wear this layer unbuttoned for maximum ease, button it up for added warmth, and throw this layer on or take it off as you move (or not move at all!) about your day.

A Zip-Front Hoodie or Sweater

Speaking of seriously easy layers you can throw on and off, a zip-front hoodie or sweater is also a great choice for a lazy Sunday. Rock this layer over a simple crewneck men's t-shirt or a PJ top for added warmth, comfort, and versatility.

This oh-so-simple layer is perfect for cooking a big Sunday breakfast, hunkering down to binge your favorite show, or setting up camp in the living room to watch the game.

A Cotton V-Neck Sweater

A v-neck pullover sweater is just as easy as a pullover crewneck, but with even more room at the neckline for easy lounging. Plus, a v-neck is an effortless way to add a bit of style to your loungewear look.

Just like with the crewneck, you’ll want to opt for an easy, comfy cotton blend with a bit of stretch, since loungewear should be as simple as possible. Rock a v-neck as-is or as a layer over a tee, and pair it with joggers or even your comfiest men's pajama pants for some serious lounging.

A Pullover Hoodie Sweater

Sticking with the pullover theme, a Supima cotton pullover hoodie sweater is another great choice for your loungewear needs. You can layer this cloudlike hoodie over a t-shirt or a pajama top and pair it with your comfiest pair of joggers or really any loungewear bottoms.

An easy cotton pullover hoodie will provide some serious added warmth. So, if you decide to take a break from lounging for a walk around the neighborhood or to head out into the world to pick up some provisions, you’ll be totally covered (both literally and figuratively!).

Carving out chill time is absolutely essential. Life is all about balance, and factoring in some time to do nothing is a huge part of that. You can make your lazy Sundays even better in the right loungewear, and you’ll be totally set in any of these easy men’s sweaters.


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