Best Men’s Pants for Summer

Best Men’s Pants for Summer

Ah… summer! If you’re looking at your summer wardrobe and thinking about the best men’s pants to wear, look no farther than Lands’ End—we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some of the best choices in men’s pants to keep you comfy and looking great this summer.

Dress Pants

Even if you’re a casual guy, it’s wise to have one pair of dress pants in a neutral color that you know will fit you comfortably and keep you looking stylish available in your closet. A medium-weight pair of men’s dress pants in black or dark grey is a wardrobe staple that you can wear year-round. Light grey and white can look dapper for spring and summer as well.

If it’s been a while since you have worn your dress pants, make sure that the fit is still good and there aren’t any stains or rips that you haven’t noticed. If the fit is good, but they are not in tip-top condition, consider consulting your dry cleaner regarding any repairs or stain removal. You might be able to get a little more life out of them yet.

Consult your calendar and look a few months ahead for any professional or social occasions that may require dress pants. Is there a conference for work coming up? What about a wedding or graduation you will attend? Just having those dress pants cleaned, pressed, and ready to pull out is a great idea. There could be a fun new restaurant opening up that’s on the dressier side, and you won’t want to be walking in wondering if what you have on is okay—instead, know that you look handsome and polished.


Chinos are a summer staple because of their classic good looks, lighter weight fabric, and lighter colors. A pair of men’s chinos can take you from a casual afternoon out to a chic and casual dinner. Chinos make excellent travel clothes because you can dress them up or down (and you can usually wear them a couple of times before laundering is necessary, which will make packing easier).


Every man deserves a pair of men’s jeans that make him look and feel fantastic. If it has been a while since you have replaced yours, it’s time to go shopping. For a pair that can go a bit dressier, choose a dark wash. Medium wash jeans are great for most occasions though.

Jeans are great because although they are decidedly casual, you can take them from super casual with your favorite graphic T-shirt to casual chic with a shirt, matching men’s belt, and loafers—add a sport coat for that finishing touch.


Sweatpants may not come to mind when you think of summer pants, but we know that you love them. Seriously, is there anything comfier than pulling on your favorite sweatpants and a men’s T-Shirt? To keep yourself at the height of comfort while still looking sharp, look through your current sweatpants collection. If any of them look worn or have small stains, retire them to activities like working in the garage or yard.

For wearing out (and even around the house), why not buy a couple of new pairs? Whether you wear them for working out or hanging out, you deserve to look good in your sweats. Dark neutrals and grey are an easy way to look instantly put together, but don’t let that stop you from creating an athleticwear ensemble in something brighter. Black and red is always a striking choice, and any bright pants paired with a matching hoodie can look great. For summer, keep in mind the weight of the fabric and what weather you are likely to encounter. A men’s athletic jacket can be the perfect addition to a cool summer evening.


Every guy needs summer shorts. When the mercury rises, you want to stay comfy while looking good. It’s a great idea to go through last summer’s shorts to see if they fit (closets have been known to shrink clothing) and if they are still what you want to wear. Choose at least one pair of classic shorts that you could wear with a belt and boat shoes to keep your summer wardrobe comfy, stylish, and versatile. Khaki or stone are great color choices as they work well with either white, pastels, or bright colors.

Whether you shop in a brick-and-mortar store or online, make sure to start with your current measurements and try on any pants that you are considering. They shouldn’t bunch up or be too tight anywhere, and the fabric should feel good next to your skin. Think about what shirts you already have that could work with them. A pair of pants worth buying is a pair of pants that makes you look and feel great.

Go find some great summer pants!


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