4 Best Men's Outfits for a Thanksgiving Parade

4 Best Men's Outfits for a Thanksgiving Parade

Thanksgiving parades are fun for the whole family. If you get to go to one this year, you’ll want to be dressed right for the weather, so you can concentrate on the parade in comfort. Let's look at some great options to keep you cozy and looking great for the occasion.

1 - Jeans, T-Shirt, and a Hoodie

If you are going to a parade in a warm climate, consider wearing your favorite men’s jeans with a T-shirt, but make sure to include a hoodie in case there is a chilly breeze. Also, go for your favorite sneakers for footwear. A classic combination would include either medium- or dark-wash jeans with a white T-shirt, white sneakers, and a white or gray hoodie.

Another warm weather option is joggers with a T-shirt and a matching athletic jacket. Black or gray are great color choices for joggers and jackets, as they will go with everything while looking sharp. Consider white, gray, red, or black for the T-shirt. Even if you are dressing super-casual, you’ll want to look good.

2 - Jeans, T-Shirt, Flannel Shirt, and Fleece Jacket

If the weather will likely be warm but chilly in the morning, consider wearing jeans and a men’s flannel shirt with a T-shirt underneath and bring a fleece jacket. This lightweight outfit will give you the advantage of three layers to help trap warm air next to your skin. Go for full-length socks with your sneakers to keep your feet and ankles warm.

A solid red flannel shirt or one that includes red is a great choice for Thanksgiving, as it has that handsome outdoorsy vibe with a holiday pop color. Flannel is one of the comfiest fabrics around, although fleece is also a contender for this title. If you don’t already have flannel sheets at home and a fleece throw for the holidays, you’ll want to add them to your shopping list.

3 - Jeans, Sweater, and Coat

If you are expecting true fall weather, you’ll want to go for jeans, a warm men’s sweater, and a coat with either sneakers or boots. If it’s not too cold, you can always take off the coat or leave it unzipped, but bear in mind you are likely to be outside for a long time. Consider a down coat for warmth to keep you cozy against the winter chill.

4 - Long Johns, Jeans, Sweater, and Parka

If you will be going to a Thanksgiving parade with Wisconsin weather, you will want to bundle up. Start with long johns under your jeans and sweater, and then add a men’s winter parka and boots to keep you toasty.

Parkas have several features which help them to be the go-to coat for cold weather. They are roomy enough to allow for layering and longer than jackets to provide extra warmth and have insulated linings and built-in hoods. When you add all of this together, the right parka is a protective shell that can keep you cozy in the coldest temperatures. When shopping for a parka, keep the temperature ratings in mind as well as the material for the outer shell. Waterproof shells are best for winter sports and wet climates.

Add Hats and Gloves

Don’t forget a men’s hat and gloves! In all but the warmest weather, you’ll want to have the option of wearing them. Go for gloves with a waterproof shell to keep your hands warm and dry despite driving rains or snow. Choose a hat that will be warm and that you can wear underneath the hood of your coat or jacket for extra insulation. Parades are much more fun when your hands and ears are warm!

Consider a scarf for extra warmth, too. A unisex winter scarf in wool, fleece, or cashmere is a great way to ensure that you stay warm from top to bottom. Just be sure to wrap it snugly around your neck before you put on your jacket or coat. You can always loosen it a bit later if you are too warm.

Be a Great Example

By staying warm and cozy, you’ll not only be more comfortable, but you’ll also be setting a great example for any little ones in your crew. If you are a dad or uncle, it will be much easier to get your tykes to keep their kids’ winter coats, hats, and gloves or mittens on if you are wearing yours. Make sure that you are both dressed right when you put them on top of your shoulders so they can see better.

With these simple suggestions on how to dress for the parade, you'll be both comfy and stylish. Now go have a blast at the Thanksgiving Day parade with your whole crew!


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