Counting Your Steps? Best Men's Outerwear for Long Walks

Counting Your Steps? Best Men's Outerwear for Long Walks

Whether you’re an avid walker already or looking to incorporate some new fitness goals in your day-to-day, going on daily walks is a great habit. Going outside for a long walk or a few shorter walks throughout the day is a simple way to work some cardio into your routine, all while doing your mental health a favor, too! When it comes walking—whether on a trail or around your neighborhood or office—counting your steps using a fitness tracker watch or an app on your phone is a fun way to keep track of your habits and set new goals over time.

When you’re counting your steps, it’s important to keep a certain number in mind but also be flexible if something comes up and you need to adjust your goal for that day. Research shows that 10,000 steps a day are the magic number, but it’ll really depend on your fitness level, schedule, and personal goals. Read on for the best men’s outerwear for going on long walks, and get ready to keep that step count streak going.

Fleece Zip-Up or Pullover Jacket

When you think about the coziest fabrics, fleece easily comes to mind. That’s why a men's fleece jacket is a must-have for long walks. Fleece outerwear really works year-round (except on a super hot summer day, when you won’t need outerwear at all) because you can wear it as your outer layer or as a mid-layer under another coat.

For walks around the neighborhood or on a local trail, opt for a simple yet stylish fleece snap-neck pullover or a full-zip fleece jacket. You can really rock one of these versatile fleece layers over any T-shirt, but you might want to consider pairing it with a moisture-wicking crewneck tee for a long walk or a trail adventure.

Casual Pullover or Zip-Up Hoodie

If you’re an avid walker or looking to become one, then you’ll definitely want to have a hoodie or two in your rotation. We love a casual pullover or zip-up hoodie for a morning walk before you get ready for the day ahead because it adds warmth and flexibility without any effort. A pullover or a zip-up hoodie is also great for a weekend when you’re lounging around the house because you can simply head out to the door to get some extra steps in without having to change out of your hoodie and men's sweatpants or joggers.

Look for a stretchy cotton hoodie or a moisture-wicking performance blend, depending on how much you tend to sweat on your walks. Hoodies are also great for layering in the colder months or perfect to throw on as your outer layer when the weather doesn’t call for a more heavy-duty jacket.

Waterproof Raincoat

A little rain shouldn’t stop you from reaching your step count goals, which is why a men's rain jacket is an essential layer for staying active. Depending on the season and the weather where you live, you’ll want to opt for either a super-cozy, fleece-lined raincoat (something a little more heavy-duty for colder weather) or a lightweight rain jacket that you can throw on over a hoodie or long-sleeve performance tee.

Just like a raincoat, it’s also important to have a wind-resistant windbreaker in your rotation to ensure the elements don’t get in your way. A lightweight windbreaker shell can be a perfect layer on those dry days when the wind adds a little chill to the air since you can simply throw it on over a sweater, hoodie, or T-shirt. Windbreakers are also major space-savers if you’re looking for a layer that you can keep in your backpack when you head to a trail or out on a long neighborhood walk when the weather is a bit uncertain.

Down or Fleece Vest

When it comes to layering up for a long walk, a cozy down or fleece vest is a must-have. Vests are great for staying active outdoors since they provide warmth for your core and chest without restricting your arms at all.

A warm and durable down or fleece vest is great for a spring day with some clouds in the sky or an afternoon walk when it’s just starting to get chilly. Layer it over a simple cotton crewneck men's sweater, a button-down flannel, a moisture-wicking long-sleeve performance tee, or even over your button-down work shirt if you’re heading out on a walk on your lunchbreak or counting steps during your office commute.

No matter what daily step count you’re aiming for, though, you’ll need the right outerwear for your walks. With the right men's jackets, sweaters, and vests, the elements won’t need to get in the way of you reaching your step count goals.


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