Best Men’s Flannel Shirts

Best Men’s Flannel Shirts

There’s nothing quite like a flannel shirt. Soft but not flimsy, warm but not stifling, comfortable yet structured – a well-constructed flannel is one of the most versatile items in your closet. A garment designed for performance has evolved into a style staple, and we’ve collected the best men’s flannel shirts in one place: find these and more at Lands’ End (

Men’s Traditional Fit Flagship Flannel Shirt

When you think, “flannel shirt,” this is the shirt you’re picturing: the quintessential conveyor of comfort, ready for backyard chores, your morning hike, or evenings by the fireplace. Every flannel collection needs an anchor, and the men’s Traditional Fit Flagship Flannel is just that. Deep, solid colors of ringspun cotton bring timeless style for a go-to look. Choose a traditional fit for enhanced movement and flexibility (you know, for those aforementioned chores) or if you want to level up your comfort factor – Flagship Flannel pairs especially well with men’s t-shirts. A tailored or slim-cut delivers the same warmth in a sleeker package; pair with dark jeans for a polished workday fit.

Men’s Pattern Flagship Flannel Shirt

Remember all that awesome stuff we just told you? Ok, now add a dose of iconic plaid. The Men’s Pattern Flagship Flannel Shirt embraces that old fashioned, great outdoors vibe while giving you the best of modern construction and design. Could you wear this flannel while chopping down a pine tree? Sure! But you’ll look and feel just as great wearing it in the office or watching the big game. No wilderness required. If you’re feeling bold, wear Pattern Flagship Flannel as your outer layer. Or, wear under sweaters or men's half-zip tops for a pop of pattern and color.

Men’s Comfort First All Season Flannel Shirt

The seasons may change, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to. Introducing our Men’s Comfort First All Season Flannel Shirt: the flannel with flex. Designed with 98% cotton and 2% spandex, this unique, lightweight flannel is made to move with you. It can act as a stand-alone staple on spring days or summer nights when a t-shirt isn’t quite enough coverage – plus the brighter color options look nice with light wash jeans, khakis, or casual shorts. In colder months this flannel can easily be worn underneath heavier jackets and parkas.

Men's Traditional Fit Comfort-First Lightweight Flannel Shirt

Much like the All Season flannel, the Men’s Traditional Fit Comfort-First Flannel Shirt is designed to be lightweight and flexible. The traditional cut offers a relaxed, roomy fit that’s perfect for layering as the temperature changes. Pick from a variety of plaid patterns to match your style. 

Men’s Flannel Lined Work Shirt

Got a heavy-duty project that requires a heavy-duty shirt? A new job that’s more outside work than inside work? Maybe you just want to channel your inner Luke Danes (and who wouldn’t? The fictional diner owner is a legend of the flannel game). Well, we’ve got what you need. Check out the Men’s Flannel Lined Work Shirt for the ultimate combination of durability, comfort, and rugged style.

The outer twill fabric is durable with a hint of elasticity, providing just the right amount of stretch as you move throughout your workday. 100% cotton flannel lines the inside for an instantly cozy fit. Two roomy side pockets, also flannel-lined, deliver bonus comfort points along with easy-access storage. On extra blustery days, go ahead and pop that collar or pair with men's turtlenecks for extra protection against the elements.

Men's Traditional Fit Color Block Flagship Flannel Shirt

A pattern that’s not for the faint of heart, the Men’s Traditional Fit Color Block Flagship Flannel Shirt is an experiment in daring design. Are you ready to take your flannel to the next level? The color blocking effect is achieved by combining two different plaid patterns into one shirt, creating a look that’s a little bit retro and a little bit modern. This is not your father’s flannel shirt.

Of course, this flannel still brings the comfort you crave from our Flagship series, featuring ringspun cotton (brushed on both sides), box pleats for enhanced shoulder room, adjustable cuffs, and a relaxed fit. You could use this as a first layer, but really, covering up this bold look is not advised. Instead, add extra layers underneath; men’s cotton tops offer a wide range of options. 

Men's Tailored Fit Printed Flagship Flannel Shirts

Comfy, cozy, and … ready for a night out? Yes! Men’s Tailored Fit Printed Flagship Flannel Shirts boast three playful, printed patterns and a slimmer fit than our traditional Flagship Flannel cut. The Churchill Dot option is classic; match this subtle navy number up with jeans, a leather jacket, and boots and you’ve got yourself a go-to look for cocktail hour. Sienna Brown Camo delivers a bolder style with big swaths of color. Wear this one to outdoor events like cookouts, backyard fires, or game day. The third print is a whimsical Mallard option, perfect for a little seasonal flair. Paired with khakis or corduroy, this one will make a statement at holiday parties for sure.

Tailored fit flannels work well on their own or layered with other items. For date night, why not go that extra step and wear your flannel shirt under luxurious men's cashmere sweaters? And if you can handle it, go for the triple: a classic tee, followed by a Tailored Flagship Flannel, finished off with a button-up cardigan.

Men's Traditional Fit Rugged Flannel Shirt

The name pretty much says it all, but we love this one so much we’re going to keep talking anyway. Constructed with 7.75-oz cotton flannel, the Men’s Traditional Fit Rugged Flannel Shirt is purposefully designed to be a heavier and more substantial flannel shirt. This one will get you through a winter of shoveling snow. The traditional relaxed fit means you can add layers underneath, too.

Leveling Up Your Flannel Look

You’ve got the flannel, now it’s time to think about the rest. A versatile wardrobe, ultimately, is one that you feel comfortable in. Stock your closet with quality pieces that will remain timeless in style and always feel fantastic.

Flannel looks great with denim – make sure you have a few pairs in different washes, from light to dark, to match up with your favorite flannel shirts. Men's khaki pants is another staple. Tailored or slim-cut flannel shirts and khakis are a go-to combo for days at the office, dinner dates, and maybe even informal weddings or parties (be sure to check the RSVP card first!) A men's corduroy blazer with a tie can instantly take a flannel from casual to dressy. And don’t forget the little things – fun socks, scarves, and hats that compliment your flannel make your whole outfit cohesive and polished.


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