Best Girls and Boys Lightweight Jackets for This Spring

Best Girls and Boys Lightweight Jackets for This Spring

Kids—with their unexpected growth spurts and ever-changing fashion opinions—are always tricky to shop for. And that is especially true when shopping for the spring season. Think about it: The weather goes from cold to warm and from snowy to rainy in just a few short months. That’s why it’s so important to find the right jacket for your children this spring—a coat that can be worn on its own on the warmer days or as an extra layer under another spring coat when the cold weather is still lingering.

We all know that spring weather can change in an instant, so before your kids head out the door to school, a play date, a sports practice, or a birthday party, giving them a reliable jacket is always a smart idea. (Not much is worse than worrying that your kids are cold when they’re out of your sight!)

To help parents everywhere, here are some of our favorite spring jacket options for kids—lightweight jackets that will get them comfortably from March through June in style (warm and dry style, that is)! Grab your umbrella, and let’s go!

A Versatile Vest

Vests, for both kids and adults, are simply terrific options for spring. Kids’ vests come in so many styles (puffer, down, fleece, and more!) and are incredibly versatile. Vests can be worn as a layering piece or as a stand-alone outerwear choice. Vests can get your kiddos to school, sports practice, birthday parties—pretty much anywhere modern-day kids spend their days.

Vests don’t have to act as outwear; they can be part of your kid’s all-day ensemble. (Not much is cuter than a little boy in jeans and a vest, or a little girl in leggings and vest!) Vests just allow your kids a little more freedom when deciding how they want to look all day long.

A Cute Raincoat

When you think of spring, rain is probably the first thing that comes to mind, followed closely by beautiful spring flowers. Rain showers are simply an inevitable fact of the spring season. And, because of those pesky spring storms, kids’ raincoats are an essential piece of outerwear to make it through spring warm and dry. If you live in a region that’s fairly cold in the spring, some raincoats are lined with fleece, which provides an extra layer of warmth.

No matter where you live, look for a raincoat option that’s seam-sealed, meaning it’s totally waterproof. Also, a raincoat with cuffs is a smart choice to keep your kids’ clothes dry after they are outside in the rain. Raincoats for kids come in so many fun colors and patterns, so the raincoat is a fun chance for your child to show off their personality. Throw in a matching umbrella for extra fun.

A Thin Down-Alternative Coat

Kids’ coats come in all colors and styles, but this spring we’re really obsessed with insulated down-alternative ThermoPlume coats. ThermoPlume is a lightweight, airy synthetic that acts like down and stays fluffy and warm in spring rainstorms. The ThermoPlume is actually blown into jackets, so it’s easily compactable and easy to throw into backpacks and sports bags. The biggest advantage for all parents dealing with tons of kids’ laundry? You can just toss this type of coat into the washer. No dry cleaning required.

A Lined Hoodie

While hoodies aren’t officially “jackets,” but they are a smart option for late spring months when the warm weather starts to be a bit more consistent. There are hoodies for kids of all ages: big kids, little kids, and even toddlers. We love the hoodies that are sherpa-lined (to keep our kids warm throughout the day), but we also love the pullover options, the sweatshirt styles, and the fleece options. Hoodies are a terrific spring staple for kids.

A Fleece Coat

Not only are they adorable and easy to wash, but kids' fleece jackets are terrific for most climates. Fleece jackets will keep your kiddos warm on colder days (as an extra layer) but are also a great option on those slightly warmer days when there is still a chill in the air. And, for kids with sensitive skin, fleece is as soft as it looks. It’s like wearing a favorite fleece blanket as a jacket.

Fleece coats for kids come in so many different styles, so you’re sure to find one that will work with your kid’s unique personality: Zip-up, pullover, reversible, vest, patterned—there are loads of cute fleece options. Just let them pick one they love!

No matter what spring jacket you choose for your kids, look for one that will keep them warm and dry as the seasons change. Oh, and if it’s super cute, that’s a nice bonus, too! Your kid can pair their jacket with matching kids' face masks, too. And, with so many adorable options available, you’re sure to find something fabulous.


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