Best Light Academia Outfits for Fall

Best Light Academia Outfits for Fall

It feels great to change your fashion style with the seasons. As autumn encompasses us again, the Academia style seems to fit this time of year perfectly and really helps people get into the fall spirit. Many don't know that the Academia style has been split into Dark Academia and Light Academia. The Dark Academia deals with darker colors and focuses heavily on black in particular, perfect for the brooding poet or the tortured genius. Light Academia, on the other hand, is a bit cheerier. It focuses on the lighter browns and creams in its outfits and inspires bright minds with an intellectual yet romantic outlook on life. So which clever combinations should you wear to salute the autumn season? Here are the best Light Academia outfits for fall.

A Sweater Vest Among the Leaves

On a warm autumn afternoon, go read that new philosophy book outside at your local park while wearing your cozy knitted sweater vest. Opt for a medium brown color for your vest, then put it over a long-sleeved white collared shirt. Tuck your shirt into a pair of khaki-colored classic corduroy pants, and add a dark brown belt and a large watch for a nice touch to the ensemble. Finish the look with a pair of oxford shoes and bring along a matching cognac satchel purse to carry your book when you're finished with it and walking your way through nature in an autumn blaze.

A Turtleneck in the Library

Of course, all academians must visit the library. Spend a little of your time rummaging through the used books on sale or checking out some classic romantic literature books while wearing a wooly cream-colored women's turtleneck sweater. Add a simple locket (that clearly hides a secret) on a long, slim golden chain to give a visual focal point. Pair this top combination with some long, high-waisted, pleated trousers in a smooth tan color and some loafers on the bottom. In this outfit, you're sure to find the book of your dreams. If you tend to find more than one, be sure to bring along a brown leather tote bag to help you carry your new book friends home.

A Trenchcoat About Town

If you have a gathering with your book club or are on your way to a poetry reading, you definitely need to protect yourself from the elements. A beige trenchcoat is just the thing! Put it over that white turtleneck paired with a plaid skirt in browns and creams. Throw on some flannel leggings or tights and lace up your brown boots in case you run into some stormy weather. Pull your hair into a sophisticated bun and bring a little satchel purse with a notebook for taking down memorable lines at your event.

A Tweed Skirt in the Audience

Some of us are students who attend class and others are passionate learners who listen to their favorite speakers give a lecture. Either way, if you're sitting in the audience waiting for things to get started, you might as well be in a tweed skirt. Choose a skirt of lighter neutral tones then pick up one of the secondary colors in your top. A fitted fuzzy sweater with a crewneck is the perfect simple counterpoint to your bolder tweed on the bottom. Maybe liven it up with a small necklace that has a little Roman coin or a watch for a pendant. Remember, tweed is a bit of a rough fabric, so make sure to wear some thicker cream tights underneath. Oxford shoes work with this outfit, as do boots. It just depends on the kind of weather you're expecting. Bring along a small leather backpack for essential items like a scratchpad for notes or the speaker's book in case there's a signing opportunity.

A Knit Cardigan at the Coffeeshop

When it's too cold to be outside, but you still want to be out somewhere, you go to your local coffee shop. The smell, the soft ambiance, and (hopefully) the quiet all make for the perfect study environment. Order your beverage of choice and take a seat while wearing an oversized, chunky cream cardigan sweater. It kept you warm on your walk over, now roll up those sleeves and break out your reading. Choose a white t-shirt or fitted sweater for your underlayer and pair the whole with some light-wash jeans. Simple sneakers will complete this ensemble along with a roll-top leather backpack to carry all the research materials you need. Study hard!

Now that you have the Light Academia mindset as well as some Light Academia outfits and combination ideas in mind, how're you going to work this style into your wardrobe? Release your inner romantic academic and enter into the magic of fall.


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