The Best Swimsuits for Lap Swimming and Water Aerobics

The Best Swimsuits for Lap Swimming and Water Aerobics

With any type of high-performance activity, you need gear that can keep up with you. The right swimwear can help you feel secure and supported, whether you're swimming laps, going to a water aerobics class, or just chasing your kids around the pool. Quality swimwear for swimming laps and water aerobics is sturdy, chlorine resistant, and easily curves to the contours of your body as you cut through the water. Beyond those qualities, you can pick out the design features, patterns, and coverage level that works for you.

There are plenty of sporty, aerodynamic swimwear options to help you stay stylish while doing the activities you love. Consider these classic women's swimsuits next time you hit the pool:

Classic One Pieces

One-piece swimsuits are the classic swimwear choice for lap swimmers. They're sleek, simple, and give you a wide range of motion for your backstroke. Well-fitting one-pieces are secure on your body, so you don't have to worry about straps shifting or loosening while you swim.

When choosing a one-piece swimsuit for exercise, focus on basic silhouettes with minimal embellishments. Thin adjustable spaghetti straps, basic racerback styles, and basic scoop necks are all ideal for a high-performance swimsuit. Details like ruffles and cutouts are fun and stylish, but they aren't fully aerodynamic for aquatic workouts. Consider picking a fun pattern or gradient to add visual interest to your suit while still prioritizing performance.


For maximum coverage and performance, consider a unitard-style swimsuit. Swim unitards are one-pieces that provide more coverage than a classic swimsuit by covering all or some of your legs, making them perfect for water aerobics with lots of movement. Typical swim unitards have short or three-quarter sleeves, and the legs can extend just past the thighs or right above the knees. However, one of the benefits of the unitard is the variety of silhouettes. If you want more range for overhead movement while covering the lower body, pick a unitard that has traditional straps. You can also find modest styles that act as rash guards and cover the whole body, including the arms, almost like a lightweight wetsuit.

Unitards fit close to the skin to reduce drag in the water. Pick a unitard option that has a lightweight lining to keep you comfortable in the water while still allowing you to move easily. Because of the enhanced coverage of a unitard, stretch, and flexibility is especially important, so opt for a high-stretch synthetic fabric that allows you to move, stretch, and swim easily.


One-pieces aren't the only option for serious swimmers. You can absolutely conquer the lanes in a two-piece swimsuit, as long as you pick the right one. Tankinis are the optimal two-piece option for lap swimming and water aerobics. While trendy bikinis may shift and adjust as you move through the water, the tankini's modest design hugs the body and easily stays in place. When opting for a tankini, focus on the cut and fit. You want your tankini to hug your torso, so you can glide through the water without any extra sagging or

Swim Shorts

Swimsuit shorts are a great option for adding a modest touch to your aquatic exercise outfits. Swim shorts come in tight, aerodynamic styles for serious lap swimming, or more flowy styles for low-impact water workouts. If you love the coverage of a unitard but prefer a swimsuit that isn't a skin-tight, try layering a one piece over a pair of loose athletic swim shorts. This option is ideal for water aerobics where you focus on upper body movements. Swim shorts are easy to put on and take off over your regular swimsuit, giving you a customized swim look for both exercise and relaxation.

High Performance Swim Accessories

Once you pick out your swimsuit, level up your look with swim accessories that support your workout. When swimming laps, it's a great idea to have a quality pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the chlorinated pool and make it easier for you to see. Goggles should fit comfortably around your head and make a perfect seal around your eyes, preventing water from leaking through. A swim cap is another great addition to your swimwear outfits. It protects your hair and keeps it out of your face while you exercise. Swim caps also make thick hair more aerodynamic in the water, letting you glide along the lap lanes with ease.

Specialized footwear can enhance your workout or give you extra protection in the water. Lap swimmers may consider grabbing a basic pair of flippers to cut through the water and gain a bit more momentum, while water aerobics aficionados may want a pair of women's water shoes to cushion and shield their feet.

Whether you're in or out of the water, your activewear makes a difference. Finding a swimsuit that keeps up with your lifestyle gives you maximum comfort and coverage when exercising at the pool. When paired with the right accessories, any of these stylish swimsuits can elevate your aquatic workout.


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