School’s Out, Sandals On: Best Kids Shoes for Summer 2023

School’s Out, Sandals On: Best Kids Shoes for Summer 2023

When the bell rings on the last day of school, everyone knows that it’s time for some summer fun! Kids love having easy-going outfits and footwear when they are on the go, so pick some hot-weather footwear that will last through all their adventures. When school’s out, it’s time to get the sandals on and good times rolling. Since there is a wide variety of activities to do in the summer that requires everything from dressy to casual footwear, just one shoe won’t be enough. Be sure to grab all the styles your kids need to stay active and look their best. Here are some of the best kids’ shoes for summer 2023.

Closed-Toe Water Shoes

Summer means fun at the beach or pool. Both environments have some tricky terrain with hot sand or slippery concrete, so get your kiddos prepared with some water shoes. Closed-toe water shoes with rubber soles provide enough traction and protection from harsh surfaces. Water sandals are also excellent to protect tender soles against rocky rivers and seashells on beaches. Now, all you need is a swimsuit and you’re ready for the beach!

Get a water shoe that’s designed with OpenWIDE™ technology, which offers stunningly convenient dual rip and grip closures that open twice as wide for the easiest on-and-offs ever. No more whining and struggles when it’s shoe time—just easy breezy fun! They may be so convenient that you’ll start using them as regular play shoes for the front yard and park. You may also want to find shoes like this for yourself!

Sport Sandals

You’re looking for the unicorn of easy-on everyday sandals, and here is your fantasy delivered. Kids’ sport sandals with dual rip and grip closures and an incredibly lightweight EVA footbed and sole make it simple to get out of the house quickly. By being so easy to put on, they foster earlier independence of head-to-toe dressing for kids learning how to take on more responsibility. This means more confidence for your kids and more time for parents like you.

The best sport sandals are made to move with the natural shape of your child’s feet while they hop, skip, and run around the playground. When it’s no-socks weather, it’s good to know that a sport sandal with extra textile lining will keep your kids feeling fresh. Grab some comfy play clothes to match for endless days of park and hiking fun!

Stylish Braided Sandals

When your little one wants to wear girls’ summer dresses or shorts and a shirt, fashion sandals make the perfect fit. This option provides extra details that dress up the shoes for a fancier occasion like a birthday party or celebration at an outdoor venue. They come in all sorts of colors and textures that offer the perfect match with anything on your mind. Get one with a convenient Velcro strap for an easy on/off experience. Also, look for function beyond the style in cushioned footbeds and inner lining that help your kid feel comfortable as well as stylish for long hours of wear.

Ahi Sandals

How can we forget the king of summer footwear: flip-flops and ahi sandals? This casual option pairs well with everything from boys’ swimming trunks to swim dresses. Wear it at the pool, the park, your friend’s house, the mall, and everywhere in between. They are so easy to pack and stash away for immediate footwear solutions. When you need to be on the go quickly, a set of flip-flops for your kids can make the morning dash to the store so much easier. Plus, when you get this type of shoe in different colors, your kids can have fun matching them with different outfits.

Mary Jane Sandals

When you need to dress up for a formal occasion and need a good match for a sundress or dress pants, then girls’ shoes like Mary Jane sandals can provide the elevated look required. Your girl will look simply charming while the open top of this sandal promotes air circulation. If you get one with polyester mesh lining, you can have the added benefit of moisture-wicking and odor resistance. Upgrades like a thick rubber sole, adjustable straps, and a cushioned foam footbed make all the difference in your child’s comfort. Be sure to get only the best for your kids as they like to spend hours on the go!

These sandals and summer footwear options will keep your kids cool, stylish, and comfortable as they have a ton of fun at the beach, casual hangouts, and memorable events.


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