Best Kids’ Clothes to Transition From Summer to the School Year

Best Kids’ Clothes to Transition From Summer to the School Year

If there’s one thing parents know, it’s that kids are always growing. Life moves fast, and children change and grow up quickly! Before you head out and buy a whole new wardrobe for your child’s new school year, look to see what you can pull from their existing summer wardrobe. A new season and a new school year does not have to break your budget. And so many clothing items are versatile enough to be worn in all seasons, so start your back-to-school shopping in your child’s closet! Here are a few ideas for clothing items that can seamlessly transition from summer vacation to the school year!

Shirts for All Seasons

When building any wardrobe, it’s best to start with the basics. T-shirts, polos, graphic shirts, and button-ups from summer can all be transitioned to the school year. There’s never a bad time to wear a t-shirt, especially a comfortable one that kids will love to play and learn in all day at school. If your child’s school requires uniforms, you may be able to repurpose kids’ polo shirts and have them wear the polos as school uniform tops! If you are buying new clothes, research back-to-school sales, deals, and promotions so that you can save on getting the best new clothes for your kids.

Light Jackets

Back-to-school time means the end of the summer rains and the start of chillier fall days. Set your child up for school with light jackets! Hoodies, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts — whatever your kids are most comfortable in on days when the temperatures start to cool down. Even if they don’t want to wear them, sending kids with jackets or layers is a good idea when schools may still be using air conditioning or when temperatures outside might be a little chilly. It never hurts to be prepared, so send your kid with an extra layer in their backpack! On rainy days, the right kids’ rain jackets are essential to keep your little ones safe, comfortable, and dry in whatever weather may arise. Rain jackets are cute and cozy, and your kids will love getting to play in the rain and splash in puddles. You can even get matching accessories like rain hats and boots. Make it a whole ensemble!

Jeans and Shorts

Like basic tees and tops, kids’ jeans are a year-round staple your child can wear back to school. Jeans are versatile and wearable. They can be worn comfortably in the summer, and the fall and are great for long, busy school days of playing and learning. Jeans are a great jumping-off point for building outfits your kids will love wearing!

Shorts are another great basic that can be worn through the warmer fall days and until the weather gets cooler. From tees and polos to flannels and rugby shirts, every kind of top can be styled with jeans, and your kids will look and feel great at school in them!

Backpacks or Tote Bags

With all the things kids have to take with them to school, it’s a good thing we have their backpacks. Sports bags or tote bags for summer activities like soccer, tennis, swimming, or baseball can all be converted into school bags. Backpacks are a fantastic opportunity for your child to show off their taste and style, so if you are buying a new backpack, let them help with the decision! There are so many styles and options out there these days, from television and movie characters to sports, animals, and space themes. Your child is sure to find a backpack that meets both their capacity needs and personality.

Make sure you choose a bag that is big enough to carry all their books, papers, and other school supplies but is still small enough for your child to manage. A bag that fits and transports easily is crucial for young children and their growth. The right backpack will help your kids have their best school year ever, so pick the one that will keep them going all year long.

This year, set your child up for back to school without having to spend a ton of money. Take the summer items your kids love to wear and transition them to fall. You’ll be surprised how many back-to-school essentials you already have in your kids’ wardrobes! Help your kids dress for success no matter their age by keeping them comfortable in all seasons and all the transitions in between. In clothes they already love wearing, your child will have the confidence to go back to school in style. They’ll look great, feel great, and be ready to do great in school too.


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