Best Kids’ Bathrobes for the Summer

Best Kids’ Bathrobes for the Summer

Summertime and fun go hand-in-hand for kids. There are so many outdoor activities and fun ways to get dirty, which means nightly baths are pretty much an inevitable part of your kids’ routine. Being able to wrap your kids up in a nice bathrobe after bathtime is convenient, but bathrobes aren’t just for bathtime. After all, kids might be splashing around in the pool, sprinkler, or simply having water balloon fights at any given moment. Having a bathrobe handy for them instead of a long, clunky towel is a smart idea. Here’s what to look for in the best kids’ robes and the best reasons for wearing them.

After a Bath

If you have kids, the scene of them running out of the bathroom after their bath, dripping wet with a long bath towel wrapped around themselves is likely familiar. Wrap them up in a nice fluffy bathrobe after their bath instead of a towel next time. One with a hood will help their hair dry and prevent it from dripping onto their shoulders. Having a belt allows it to stay put. Pockets will give them somewhere to hide the treasures they’ve discovered during their day. The only challenge will be catching your little one so you can put their pajamas on next.

Playing in the Pool or Running Through the Sprinkler

Personalized beach towels have their purpose, but they’re not necessarily easy for kids to handle when going into and out of the pool, or when running through the sprinkler. Typically, kids tend to just grab their towel, dry off, and then toss their towel onto the ground somewhere in a wet heap. But can you blame them? There’s nothing really convenient to hold on to. And towels are not always easy for little kids to wrap around themselves. That’s why bathrobes are great. An absorbent bathrobe that dries quickly is so much easier for kids to use to dry off than a big beach towel. Plus, you won’t have to worry about them tripping over it when they’re running into and out of the house for drinks and snacks.

Summer Nights Under the Stars

As warm as summer days can be, summer nights can be quite cool after the sun goes down. Whether hanging out in front of the bonfire or simply sitting on the porch under the stars, having a dedicated “outside” bathrobe for the kids is great, since they can wear their PJs underneath and, if the robe is long enough, use it to keep their legs warm if they’re wearing pajama shorts. This is a great idea for camping too since they can throw on the robe whenever leaving the tent instead of having to get fully dressed.

Laid Back Mornings When the A/C Is On

Kids’ pajamas for summertime are obviously different than what they wear in the colder months. Like adults, kids want to be cool when sleeping during the summer nights, and sometimes in order to do that, their PJs need to be lightweight and the air conditioning might need to be on. But when everyone wakes up for breakfast, the house can be a bit chilly. It’s nice to have a robe near the bed or near their bedroom door that they can grab and wrap themselves in as they start their day.

Tips for Choosing the Right Kids’ Bathrobe for Summer

When choosing a robe specifically for summer, keep the material the robe is made of in mind. You’ll want to make sure it is absorbant and that it is also soft and inviting. As such, if the expectation for the bathrobe is to dry off your children as quickly as possible, look for terry cloth or Supima cotton robes. If you're looking for something to keep them warm on those cooler nights, flannel is great, because it keeps them warm, but not to the point where they’ll be uncomfortable. In addition, pay attention to the sizing. Order up if your child is between sizes, and follow the same sizing guide you would use for boys’ or girls’ tops.

Summer is a magical time for kids, and it is the easiest time of year to get them out of the house, away from their tablets and video games, and into some fresh air. And they’ll likely get dirty a few times a day while doing it. Even if that means you’ll be giving them more baths than normal, at least they’ll go to bed feeling clean and comfy with their bathrobe, with great summer memories on their minds.

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