Best Jeans For Petite Women

Best Jeans For Petite Women

The best jeans for petite women will be comfortable, flattering, and versatile enough to stand up to anything your life has to offer. Great denim goes in a long way in offering petite ladies the stylish choices they need to look and feel their best!

Dark Denim Straight Leg Jeans

Petite ladies looking for a jean that can do anything should definitely invest in a pair of dark wash, straight leg jeans. These classic basics are not only flattering to virtually any body type, but the timeless silhouette also goes with anything from a classic white tee to a trendy blouse. These denim jeans can be dressed up or down, and work equally well with flats as they do with heels or casual shoes. For the best look, make sure the length, hips, and waist fit your proportions accurately.

Skinny Jeans for Petite Ladies

From fun and flirty to sophisticated and dressy, skinny jeans are another go-to staple every petite lady should have in her closet. These might be considered slightly trendy, but have become mainstream enough that they look fresh without looking faddish. This is another option that works well for any body type. The close-fitting shape of skinny jeans means that a petite woman’s frame won't get overwhelmed as it might with some styles of pants, and it can easily adapt to different pieces in your wardrobe, from a cashmere turtleneck to a flowing tunic top. Skinny jeans work well with flats, heels, and boots, so petite women can feel confident donning this denim style in every season.

Petite Jeggings for Comfort and Style

Jeggings are the denim go-to option for the petite woman who wants a comfortable option that she can turn to time and time again. Jeggings have a slightly dressier look than standard leggings, but provide tons of comfort so they can be worn weekdays and weekends alike. These work perfectly with tunics, women's sweaters, activewear jackets, blouses, flannel shirts, and much more.

Petite ladies can even get away with wearing denim jeggings under dresses and jumpers for a cute layered look. Try dark washes for a classic look or more colorful or light styles for a more casual vibe. Choose anything from gladiator sandals to ankle boots with your favorite jeggings for a look that can’t be beaten.

High-Waisted Petite Jeans

High-waisted styles can work well for petite ladies with most body types. High rise jeans tend to draw the waist in and create a gorgeous hourglass shape. The high waist also works well with tucked-in tops, tees, and blouses, which can be a general boon to the petite shape so it’s not overwhelmed with excess fabric or an overly blousy appearance with a top. What’s more, this jean style creates a nice sense of balance and proportion. Look for high-waisted styles in classic washes as well as trendy colors.

Bootcut Jeans for Petites

Bootcut women's jeans might be famous for their flattering style that hugs the hips and flares slightly out towards the ankles, but these styles are plenty versatile and can be worn with any type of footwear. The design is flattering to petite shape since it lends a sense of balance and skims the body without looking too large. Like its other denim relatives, bootcut denim can work well with many other tops and blouses, from button-up tops and women’s cardigan sweaters to close-fitting turtlenecks and v-neck tees. Bootcut jeans can work well with a casual look, so they’re perfect for weekends and evenings out, too.

Petite Ankle Jeans for Custom Style

Petite ankle jeans have a cute, slightly casual look that looks fabulous worn with blouses, sweaters, flats, and sleeveless or short-sleeve tops. These often tend to be cuffed at the ankle, which can help create a custom look for petite ladies. Since the cuff can be rolled according to your specific height, you can get a look that appears it was made just for you. Ankle jeans also come in a variety of washes, so you can get a more casual look with a lighter wash or a slightly more dressy look with a dark style.

Beyond Blue Jeans for Petites

No matter how much any lady loves denim blue jeans, there is always space in her closet to go beyond blue. Along with trendy colors and seasonal hues, classic choices like crisp white and dressy dark black jeans are ideal staples to keep in your wardrobe. Create entire new looks just by switching out your petite jean color!

The Most Flattering Denim

The best petite jeans styles have it all - comfort, style, and fit. From classic silhouettes to more modern designs, there are options for every style and body type. Try different types of denim to find what appeals to you and works best for your existing wardrobe, and get ready to let your confidence soar!


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