Best Jackets to Wear When Walking the Dog

Best Jackets to Wear When Walking the Dog

If you are a dog mom and walking your dog is a part of your daily routine, it won’t take long for you to realize the need for adequate outwear all season long. Cue a reliable, durable, and stylish jacket. No matter what season it is (even summer), chances are there will be days when you need a second layer. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top jackets you can wear when walking your furry friend. 

A Denim Jacket For a Breezy Summer Evening

There is no question about it: a classic denim jacket is a staple in many women’s closets, and is the ideal second layer to wear on a late summer evening when it’s a little breezier than usual. Consider making a casual denim jacket your choice of attire for your daily walks with your canine companion. It’s such a beloved wardrobe piece because it can be worn with and over virtually anything from denim shorts, a tank, and flip flops to a crisp white tee and women's jeans, or even a flowy, floral tall maxi dress. And a late summer night isn’t the only opportunity to get a lot of wear out of a denim jacket. It’s also a great option for dog walks on a spring or fall day. 

A Soft Fleece Jacket

In keeping with the casual theme, a soft fleece jacket is another great second layer choice for that early morning or late evening walk with your dog. Similar to a denim jacket, a fleece jacket is ideal for multiple seasons, whether it’s an unseasonably cool summer evening or a chilly fall afternoon.

Whereas a denim jacket is designed more with style in mind, a fleece jacket is all about warmth and comfort. The soft, cozy material will have you feeling like you are walking around wrapped in a blanket. Even better, the windproof and waterproof features of a high-quality fleece jacket make this second layer a great choice if you ever unintentionally get caught walking in the rain. 

Waterproof Rain Jacket

Even though a high-quality soft fleece jacket with waterproof features will protect you from the rain, nothing beats an actual waterproof women's rain jacket. If you live in a city like Seattle or another rainy climate, it’s a good idea to invest in a waterproof rain jacket for your daily dog walks. A good rain jacket will especially come in handy during the early spring months when everyone can anticipate lots of rainy days.

And rain jackets, like any other kind of jacket, come in a variety of styles to choose from, so there is no one type of rain jacket you have to settle for. There are hooded rain jackets or squall rain jackets; if you need something a little more heavy-duty, an outrigger jacket with a soft, plush fleece lining will work nicely.

A Parka

Whether you need a thick, insulated women's winter parka with a faux fur hood to keep you warm on your winter strolls or a lightweight parka ideal for the spring and fall seasons, the iconic, timeless parka is yet another jacket that is great for walking your dog.

The parka is the kind of second layer that can be worn in many different environments, whether you need a jacket on your commute to work or just something to throw on before running out to the grocery store. These incredible coats come in many different styles and colors, so it won’t be hard to find something that is perfect for you. Finally, parkas tend to be thicker jackets than fleece or denim jackets, so you can count on being able to wear them for many years into the future. 

A Long Down Coat 

Though not technically a jacket, a long down coat with a faux fur hood is definitely the kind of outerwear you’ll want to have on if you are taking your pup on neighborhood walks during the cold winter season.

Being all wrapped up in a super thick, long down coat will have you feeling like you are walking around in a warm blanket. If you are spending any length of time outdoors in the frigid temperatures, especially if you are walking on a cold, snowy day, you will want to be wearing the thickest coat option there is. Don’t forget to wrap your fur child up in a soft sweater coat. Dogs get cold too!

Are you in the market for a new jacket or coat for seasonal walks with your dog? Or are you in need of a new jacket for any other reason? Shop around and begin your search for a brand new jacket that fits all your needs.


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