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Best Hostess Gifts for Summer Get-Togethers

Nothing is quite as much fun as a summer get-together! Summer is all about friends, family, laughter, and fun in the sun (or shade). Chances are that you’ll be hosting your share of summer get-togethers as well as attending other events like barbecues, pool parties, picnics, dinners, and much more, as the season commences. Be gracious to your hostess by bringing a great gift that she’ll love when you come to your next summer get-together.

Delicious drinks

A lovely drink is always a welcome gift for the hostess. It’s something she can either enjoy at her leisure or choose to serve during the get-together. Beverage options you may want to consider include a nice bottle of wine, one of her favorite bottles of spirits or liqueurs, a gourmet fruit juice, specialty lemonade or other summer drink, home-brewed iced tea, or even a package of her favorite coffee or tea. If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, you may want to bring something that you’ve created yourself such as a specialty juice blend, infused water, or a signature alcoholic drink.

Foolproof Food Gifts

Food, desserts, and snacks are also items that are usually a hit when it comes to hostess gifts. Consider what the hostess likes and enjoys most when deciding what to present for a food gift. Make sure to think about whether she is on any kind of a special diet or has allergies or food restrictions. Favorite items include home-baked desserts like cakes, cookies, or other treats as well as snack mixes and homemade snack trays. Gourmet cheeses and crackers, specialty breads, a lovely gift basket with fresh fruits or vegetables, or even homemade items like signature pasta sauces or classic handmade candies will be well-liked by the hostess.

Summer Essentials She’ll Love

There are lots of things that your hostess may want or need for summer. Natural items to bring to your hostess as a small gift for her invitation include a cute summer tote bag, a stylish wine tote, handy summer umbrella, fun personalized beach towels, cute sunglasses, a mini gift set with sunscreen and lip balm, a fine sun hat (perfect to wear with her summer dresses, a summer swimsuit cover-up, or stylized flip-flops. Just make sure you know her size in advance if you are purchasing items like beach cover-ups, flip-flops, or other apparel.

Small Gifts of Summer Fun

Another way to thank your hostess is by bringing a gift that will give her a break. Consider a set of passes for a local movie theater or drive-in, her favorite restaurant, or a nearby ice cream shop or frozen yogurt parlor. Does she love iced coffee? Purchase a small gift certificate for a local coffee shop so she can have a break with her favorite beverage. Does she love to swim? Day passes to the local pool or water park would be a fun gift for her and her family. If she has children, tickets to an arcade, mini-golf, or go-karts might be right up her alley. Or, maybe she enjoys wine. Purchase a ticket for an event such as a wine tasting and an art class for her to enjoy.

Summer Hostess Gifts for the Home

You can also show your appreciation for the hostess by bringing a gift that helps her brighten up or beautify her home for the season. If there are items that will help her with her everyday life and make her home more organized, she may appreciate those as well. Thoughtful hostess gifts for the home include fresh or faux flower arrangements, small pieces of decorative summer art, or items for the indoor or outdoor table, pretty outdoor cushions or throw pillows, lawn furniture, outdoor summer games, summer-themed tablecloths or table runners, pretty platters or trays, and summer-scented candles.

Gifts for On-the-Go Ladies

If you’re still not sure what to bring your hostess, think about bringing her an item that would help her with her on-the-go lifestyle. Something like a reusable water bottle, travel mug for coffee or tea, sling bag or everyday tote bag, handy custom notebook and pen, or even something like a portable power pack for her phone may be well appreciated.

Cool Summer Specialties

Summer fun will keep going strong when you gift one of these items to your gracious hostess:

Hot Hostess gifts That Will Always Be a Hit

While you can certainly get as creative as you like with your hostess gifts, there are also plenty of classic standbys to think about gifting when you go to your next summer event. Items like hand lotion, scented soap, fuzzy socks or slippers, cheese boards, tea towels, bath bombs or salts, candy, flavored salts, or specialty seasoning oils will always be appreciated by the recipient.

No matter what you choose, whether it’s a classic hostess gift, one with a fun summer theme, or one that just takes the hostess’s interests to heart this season, you can’t go wrong when you thank your hostess with a special gift at your next summer get-together.


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