What to Wear During Your Hanukkah Celebrations

What to Wear During Your Hanukkah Celebrations

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish celebration of freedom from oppression. It's filled with loads of laughter, song, and best of all, delicious dinners and desserts. If you've never been to a Hanukkah party or don't know how you'll keep up with the festivities all week, here are some tips on what to wear during this season's celebrations.


Having a lineup of different jewelry combinations for each celebration you attend will keep you as excited for the final party as you were for the first. Choose bold statement pieces or bright, cheerful colors to bring that sense of celebration to every aspect of your outfit. Pick out your favorite accessories and decide which ones you'll wear throughout the holiday, then find some pieces you think would work best for the particular party you're attending each night.

If some of your celebrations will be with family and others with friends, you can also map out which accessories work best for the company you'll be keeping. For a family get-together, perhaps switch out your bauble necklace and dangly earrings for the pearls Grandma gave you to show your appreciation.


Hanukkah is a celebration of light and luck, and there's no better way to feel free and fun than in a women's dress that shows off your personal style. If you're going to be with a more serious crowd, aim for modest dresses that you feel comfortable in, like flowing wrap dresses or long-sleeved maxi dresses. The added stretch will leave room for jelly donuts and all the chocolate gelt you can win during a game of dreidel with the kids.

Since Hanukkah is generally celebrated during the month of December, bring along an elegant shawl or cashmere cardigan to wear for added warmth. You can drape a blanket scarf over your shoulders to really add a dash of elegance. Just be sure you secure your shawl, scarf, or sleeves before digging in at the dinner table.


After a delicious meal and plenty of sweets, you'll want to feel as light and comfortable as possible in your outfit. Choose a flowy women's skirt that falls below the knee so you can feel comfortable whether you're sitting at the dinner table, lounging on the couch, or unwrapping a gift. Skirts provide tons of versatility for your outfit, as you can pair them with almost any kind of top. A luxe cashmere turtleneck will give you an extra glamorous look, while a lightweight blouse can give you an air of sophistication and calm.

If you plan to be outside at any point or just want an extra layer of warmth, be sure to wear a pair of fleece-lined tights. They're less restrictive than control-top tights, and they offer a chic touch to any skirt combo. If you're attending a Hanukkah event rather than a home party, spice up your look with knee-high boots or that pair of heels you've been waiting to show off.


Christmas sweaters get a lot of screen time, but it's time for Hanukkah sweaters to get some attention! Cool blues, creams, and gold-colored sweaters will catch everyone's eye at the party. You can even find Hanukkah-themed sweaters emblazoned with menorahs, donuts, or cute sayings. Just make sure you're choosing comfort over all else.

If you're attending holiday celebrations with your kids, get everyone in the spirit with fun sweater options. You can wear matching sweaters in different shades of blue or get competitive and see who can design the funniest sweater. This gives you the opportunity to have everyone vote for their favorites each night.

Comfy Clothes

If your family or friends are more casual in their celebrations, opt for comfy casual clothes that still have an edge of fashion and flair. Pick out a few pairs of finely patterned stretch pants or leggings, perhaps with a houndstooth or floral design. Finish off those effortless looks with a cozy sweater or long-sleeved blouse for any gathering during the holiday. A comfortable pair of flats will tie it all together nicely, but don't hesitate to bring along a pair of fuzzy slippers if your hosts prefer no shoes in the house.

If you end up going to a Hanukkah party every night of the holiday, choose materials with a little stretch and room. You might have to change your outfit up a bit depending on how formal or casual the gathering is, but be sure to wear something that makes you feel joyful so you can spread love and cheer this season.


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