5 Best Girls' Outfits for a Thanksgiving Day Parade

5 Best Girls' Outfits for a Thanksgiving Day Parade

If you have a little princess in your home, you want to be sure she knows how to be thankful for what the year has brought. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for taking the time to count your blessings and be grateful for the gifts and the people who have come your way. Celebrating this season can take many forms⁠—among which thankfulness lists, appreciation cards, handprint turkeys, autumn leaf wreaths, and, of course, the famous family dinner are highlights⁠—but you can also participate in another activity to mark the day: the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Full of performers, musicians, favorite characters and colorful floats, these Thanksgiving Day parades are put on all over the country, so there's probably one happening near where you live. Getting to your preferred spot early, taking along some snacks and bringing an umbrella (just in case) are all great tips for smoothing out a parade experience, but what about deciding what your little girl should wear? Here are the five best girls' outfits for a thanksgiving parade.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before going into the outfits, some things to pay attention to. Regardless of the age of your child, she can't last as long as a grownup. If you can imagine yourself getting tired standing for a few hours, your little girl will definitely be drained. Now consider being in that state in whatever outfit you have picked out for your child. Is it flexible if the weather changes? Can you use the restroom easily? Could you manage it if you were the one wearing it? These are all good questions to keep in mind as you put together your girl's Thanksgiving parade outfit.

1) Cozy in Boots

A great outfit for girls of any age! A knit sweater dress with a turtleneck neckline in a stunning autumn color is adorable on toddlers and teenagers alike. Warm red, burnt marigold or light cream might be the perfect color for your daughter. Add some fun patterned stockings to keep those legs from the chill. Consider gray tights with falling autumn leaves or flowers. Black tights are also a good choice, especially if she likes to splash in puddles on the way to the parade. Finish the look with black girls' boots and maybe a cute headband for some pizzazz.

2) Little Pigtails in Corduroy

Corduroy is durable so it can protect her if she trips and opting for a dark color can hide any little mess from snacking. Find a nice fall brown corduroy girls' dress with a large pocket in the front for this outfit. Layer a white long-sleeve shirt or sweater underneath the dress and choose white tights to go under it. If tights are too much to manage in the restroom, consider tall white socks. Black Mary Janes would be darling, but if your weather looks unfavorable, shiny black booties are just as cute. If your little one is really little, the hairstyle is indispensable. Add a pair of sweet bows to those pigtails and let your little girl bounce away to the parade.

3) The Little Hipster

If your daughter is too cool for dresses, go for the hipster look! Durable black jeans paired with a chambray shirt give you a good base to start. From there, layer on a bright puffer vest in red and black plaid for some warmth. Bonus points for pockets your little girl can use to keep her hands warm. Add some bold red rubber boots and a beanie and she is both trendy and parade-ready!

4) An Autumn Girl

Does your daughter like to be girly but wants to forgo the dress this time? Focus on elegant creams to get that autumn feel. A cream-colored knit girls' sweater with lace ruffling at the hem and sleeves is stylish yet easy to move in. Have her wear blue jeans on the bottom (add some tights if it looks to be too cold for jeans alone) with a pair of comfy brown boots so she can easily walk to your parade spot. Give her a cream beret or Tam O'Shanter with some cute detailing, a bow or two, and a puff ball on top to complete the combination.

5) Bohemian-in-Training

Speaking of girls' hats, why not have your little girl wear a child's fedora? A gray fedora paired with a long creamy bohemian autumn dress covered in autumn flowers would be so adorable. One of mom's necklaces and black booties would complete this charming ensemble. This is more of a warmer autumn outfit so if you need to adjust for a colder day, add a gray or brown girls' cardigan and some thick tights to combat the coming winter.

Now that you have ideas for outfits, work with your little one to make her perfect combination! Then go with confidence and thankfulness to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day parade.


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