The Best Back-to-School Outfits for Girls

The Best Back-to-School Outfits for Girls

As the kids prepare to head back to school, you’re probably busily stocking up on school supplies, packing backpacks, and planning lunches. It’s natural to occupy yourself with those things, but don’t overlook one of the most important details of all: what she’s going to wear when she returns to the classroom! It can be fun to choose an outfit for the occasion, all while keeping in mind that nothing is more important than her comfort.

Putting together a great outfit for the school day shouldn’t be stressful. Come to an agreement on a few basic points first. She’ll likely want something fun, relaxed, and effortless, while you might be primarily concerned with fabric quality and longevity. All of those factors are important in their own ways, whether she’s perfectly content to head back in a pair of jeans and a kids’ sweatshirt or is excited about wearing a dress and a cardigan. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Go-To Denim and a Top

What’s more casual than a great pair of jeans and a T-shirt? For the girl who loves her casual style, denim makes a terrific choice for back to school. Jeans are inherently comfortable, laid-back, and easy to wear in a few ways. She can keep it simple with a fun graphic T-shirt or a long-sleeve tee layered underneath a flannel shirt if it happens to be chilly. A pair of sneakers finishes this look easily.

She can even dress up her jeans if she prefers. Try it with a jewel-toned girls’ cardigan and a solid top underneath, with a pair of ballet flats. She could also layer a longer tunic on top of a pair of skinny jeans and complete the outfit with her favorite pair of slip-on shoes.

Leggings and a Long Cardigan

Taking the casual approach doesn’t always mean wearing jeans and a T-shirt. If she prefers more understated outfits but wouldn’t mind dressing up her look just a touch, try a pulled-together option instead. A pair of leggings is not just practical but also highly comfortable for a busy first day at school. The flexibility factor makes it perfect for wearing from class to class.

Plus, leggings look great with so many tops. On what’s likely to be a relatively warm first day, she can throw on a long, featherweight cardigan over a light girls’ top for an easy look that will help her feel just right if the air conditioner is blasting in the classroom. If she gets warm, she can easily slip the cardigan off and wrap it around her waist or stash it in her backpack. Everything from sneakers to flats looks right at home with this outfit.

Skirt and a Polo Shirt

The classics are always reliable and fun to wear. Parents will love the way pieces like denim skirts, and polo shirts hold up so beautifully, and kids will appreciate how great they look. To ensure that she feels comfortable all day, you can select from a variety of skirt lengths. That’s important for so many reasons. She may prefer the modesty of a little more fabric, or she might favor the sporty flair of a girls’ skort that offers the best of both a pair of shorts and a skirt.

Whatever bottom she chooses, she can easily finish the outfit with a carefree polo shirt. This style is highly versatile and available in many varieties, from short sleeves ideal for balmy days to long sleeves she’ll want to wear throughout autumn and into winter. The beauty of the polo shirt is that it looks entirely pulled together, so it’s a great option for a more formal look if she has a penchant for reserved, conservative outfits.

Dress and Comfy Shoes

Dresses for girls range from light and breezy to smart and refined. All are great choices for the classroom because they’ll help her feel cool on the warmest first days of school. Styles that she can throw on and go are simple, and they make getting dressed after gym class a breeze. Some styles feature buttons, self-tie waists, and decorative details that add a fancier touch to her back-to-school look.

Comfortable shoes are a must no matter what type of dress she wears—and even if it’s more on the formal side, she can easily balance it out with a pair of casual shoes. She can take her pick because dresses look fabulous with nearly everything. Step into a pair of sparkling ballet flats, try some chunky slip-on sneakers for a sporty take, or wear loafers or another conservative style for an easy look from top to bottom.

No matter what she chooses to wear on her first day back, the key is always to focus on her comfort above everything else. Pay attention to the forecast for the first day back—it may be warm and toasty, or fall may make an early appearance. No matter what, she’ll be ready for anything the day brings as long as her clothes feel good.


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