Best Gifts for Couples

Best Gifts for Couples

When it comes to gift-giving, some people are easy to buy for than others. When you want to buy a gift for someone who doesn't quite seem to know what they want, the key is to buy them something they don't know they actually want. This is especially true when you have to buy gifts for a couple. After all, they’ll likely both be sharing the gift or enjoying it in some form together. Plus, it’s oftentimes more economical to buy a couple’s gift than two separate gifts on their own. If you’re considering going the couple route this holiday season, these are some of the best gifts for couples you should keep in mind.

Couple’s Pajamas

When we buy clothing, we tend to only buy things that other people will see, like tops and pants. We often fail to treat ourselves to new pajamas, with the excuse that nobody outside of your home will see them anyway. Are spouses and kids not worthy of looking nice for? Of course, they are! Matching pajamas are a fun gift that lots of couples look forward to wearing during the holidays. When it’s wintertime, you especially can’t go wrong with flannel PJs.

A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are fun to receive since everything in them is generally a surprise. There are snacks, meal kits, wine subscriptions, chocolate, happy hour boxes, socks, and so much more. If there’s something your favorite couple enjoys, a subscription box is a great gift that helps them try something new every month that they wouldn’t normally buy on their own. You can usually choose how often you want the box to be delivered. For example, you can sign up for a one-month subscription, or you could pay quarterly or for the whole year. If you do an internet search for subscription boxes, you’ll see exactly what’s out there. With so many subscription boxes to choose from, something’s bound to catch your attention.

Dinner and a Movie

It might seem cliché, but if you know the couple on your gift list likes a certain restaurant or enjoys going to movies, you can gift them a “dinner and a movie” package. It doesn’t just have to be a gift certificate, either. You can package it so they have something to open instead of just handing them an envelope. For example, you can put the movie gift card inside of a big popcorn bucket with a package of popcorn inside. Or you can order a meal-delivery kit for them to make at home together and put the certificate for it inside a new pot or pan they can use to cook it. Wrap it up nicely, and you’ll have a unique gift that they’re sure to look forward to using. This is also a great wedding gift idea to keep in mind.

A Spa Day Gift Set

If you want to pamper your favorite couple, one great way to do that is to create a “spa day” gift set. Get a nice box and fill it with typical “spa day” items that they can use to pamper themselves and each other. Examples include a couple of warm, fluffy bathrobes you can have monogrammed. Other ideas include bath salts, candles, and essential oils. This is a gift that says you care.

Something for the Fur Baby

If you have a dog, you know how much you love to spoil them. You also appreciate when other people spoil your dog and treat them as part of your family. Something like a personalized dog bed is a thoughtful gift that proves you put some thought and preparation into it. Alternatively, you can get them a monogrammed canvas tote that has the whole family’s favorite treats in it, including snacks, drinks, and toys for both the humans and the pets. It’s such a simple idea, but it is also fun and heartfelt.

Gifting for couples can actually be easier than gifting to each person on their own. Just take some time to think of the things they enjoy together, and you’ll find a present that’s perfect for them to unwrap this season.


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