Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

There are dog people, and there are cat people. Some people may claim to be both, but you can spot a tried-and-true cat person from a mile away. One big tell is that they're often covered in cat hair (if they even brave a black or dark blue ensemble). Another is that they won't stop posting pictures of their cats on every social media platform possible. Cat people, like dog people, are obsessed with their pets. We're talking make-a-separate-Instagram-account-just-for-Whiskers obsessed, turn-an-entire-room-of-their-house-into-Whiskers'-playroom obsessed, opt-not-to-get-up-from-the-couch-even-after-their-legs-fall-asleep-if-Whiskers-happens-to-be-curled-up-on-their-lap obsessed. Perhaps you are this person, in which case, you already get it.

But, if you're an outsider to the cat-obsessed world, but have a loved one who is in deep, then this gift guide is for you. One thing we love about cat people is that gifts for cat lovers are surprisingly easy to find; you just have to keep a few tips in mind. Read on for the ultimate guide for picking the best gifts for cat lovers in your life. 

1. A Smart Toy

While people often think of cats as independent fuzzballs that sleep all day (okay, yes, this is partially true), cats need quite a bit of interaction and playtime throughout the day. For kittens and younger cats especially, the need to play or hunt can seem never-ending. That's why we recommend a smart toy if you're going to go the toy route as a gift. Smart toys are great because they create an interactive experience for kitties while their owners work or otherwise go about their day. Smart toys can be charged through USB ports or can run on batteries. These cat gifts often have a feather or toy mouse attached and can spin around the house until they need to be charged again. Don’t worry if the smart toy you choose isn’t to the cat’s preference, as the box it comes in will be enough to make a happy cat.

2. A Neutral Tone Sweater

Cats and dark clothing don't always mix. Part of what cat people love about cats is that they're so soft and furry, but that means that cat lovers will always need a lint roller (or two) on hand, and even that might not always do the trick. So, to save the cat person in your life some trouble, opt for gifts that are both stylish and practical.

A cat mom will appreciate a women's sweater in a neutral or light tone. And for a cat dad, opt for a men's sweater in white, yellow, or very light blue. When it comes to picking out clothing gifts for cat lovers, neutral-toned patterns are also a safe bet, so feel free to get funky with your selections (we're looking at you, leopard-patterned cardigan!). 

3. A Neutral or Light Throw Blanket

To cat lovers, nothing is more dreamy than curling up with their beloved kitty on a lazy Sunday. If you're shopping for a cat parent who practically lives in their fav comfy clothes, just waiting for the moment they can get cozy with their furbaby (if their furbaby will allow it, that is -- we all know Whiskers can be a bit picky), then opt for a gift that amplifies their lounge zone. A cute and oh-so-comfy way to achieve this is with a new throw blanket.

Look for throw blankets in, you guessed it, neutral or light tones. You can let the person's taste guide your decision around the exact color you want to go with, but keep in mind that certain materials may also work better than others.

Cats love to play with strings, so avoid gifting a throw with fringe or tassel accents. Instead, stick to an easy-to-care-for material such as fleece or cotton, and spruce it up by having it personalized. A personalized throw blanket will bring your gift to the next level, and. of course, you'll just want to make sure you get the right spelling of "Whiskers" in advance.

4. A Custom Portrait

Speaking of personalized, custom gifts are all the rage these days. Since we know that most cat lovers tend to be somewhat obsessed when it comes to their furbabies (no judgment here, the same is definitely true for dog lovers!), a great gift idea for a cat parent is a custom portrait. Plenty of artists out there are up to the task, so go ahead and throw this into your search engine.

From there, find a picture of Whiskers that shows her at her best, and have the artist get to work. If you want to go all-out, go for a full-sized, framed portrait. Or, you can find a simple print option if you want to keep it low-key. Either way, this gift is sure to please any cat lover in your life and is also a fun and quirky way to give a unique and memorable cat lover gift. 

These gift ideas are guaranteed wins for the cat lovers that you love, no matter the occasion! Just remember to include Whiskers' name on the card.


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