Best Gifts for Baby Showers

Best Gifts for Baby Showers

Someone's having a baby! What a wonderful event to celebrate. There are so many things a new mama needs to take care of and as someone who is a part of her life, you can help! One of the easiest ways to do so is by choosing a good gift for her baby shower as she gets ready to welcome the new baby. However, not all baby gifts are created equal! Here are some of the best gifts for the new family.

Baby Dental Care

Good dental hygiene is important and good habits can start even before teeth come in! Teething can be a tough process for everyone involved so choosing something to ease some of the difficulties can make for a great gift. After teeth have started to show up, there are even more things the baby needs for his or her dental care. Baby toothbrushes have softer bristles than regular toothbrushes. The parents may need a few since babies don't usually know they aren't supposed to bite toothbrushes. Along with a baby toothbrush, baby toothpaste that is safe to swallow in case the baby ingests a bit on accident might be a great idea to include. With these gifts, you can communicate your care and consideration while also giving something useful to the new baby.

Baby Showering Accessories

Keeping clean is tough for new babies, and parents will appreciate any help on this front. A baby bath that allows a baby to recline without worrying mama about water mishaps is an excellent gift. Baby shampoo and conditioners that are nourishing for soft baby hair and baby body wash that is gentle on soft baby skin are fantastic things to incorporate into a multi-item canvas tote gift bag. Don't forget a soft loofah so mama has something to clean with!

Baby Grooming Care Kit

These kits and sets are usually adorable as well as functional. They generally come with nail care items like nail clippers and nail files. Little scissors are often included for a hair trim. A baby thermometer and nasal aspirator can help keep the little one healthy while little brushes and combs have their own special place, all in a zippered, easy-to-transport pouch. A sweet thoughtful gift that has plenty of purpose without requiring very much space.

Baby Journal

Babies grow so fast. Sometimes we just blink and the early days are almost over. Choosing a baby journal with places to record landmark moments and put memorable pictures would make a great gift for a baby shower. Some have simple covers and pages while others are more elaborate with durable puffy covers and decorated with adorable baby animals. Find one that matches the style of your mama-to-be and you have a wonderful gift to welcome the new baby.

Cute Post-Pregnancy Clothes

When the baby finally comes, most of mama's maternity clothes won't fit anymore. Pregnancy changes your body in beautiful and mysterious ways and it might be a bit difficult to figure out what is "normal" after your baby is born. Help mama out with some cute dresses or women's tops or a carte blanche for a shopping spree once the baby is born so she can find new clothes that fit her new role.

Commit to a Meal

Sometimes the best gift you can give is your help in a crucial moment. Committing to bringing a meal one day a week or taking care of dinner for a whole week can serve as your way to help remove just one simple stressor from the new parents' full plate of responsibilities. Pour your love and care into making something delicious (or choosing a delicious option from a local restaurant) and have that be your gift to the new family. It will be much appreciated.


Babies may not be able to read yet, or even able to understand much, but they can recognize their parents' voices and they know that time spent means they are loved. Books serve several functions. For one, early books get parents into the habit of reading to their babies. Children who read to grow up to value books and learning, a quality most parents would like to impart. For another, books give parents something to do while spending time with their baby. A book that can make a new parent laugh out loud could be one of the more invaluable gifts a new family receives.

These are several different and interesting ways to communicate your love for the family's newest addition. Keeping both the baby and the parents in mind will help you make the best decisions about what to give and help you contribute in the best way to the upcoming baby shower.


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