Best Gifts for a Newly Married Couple

Best Gifts for a Newly Married Couple

Have loved ones who recently married and want to get them a special gift? Shopping for a newly married couple can be difficult. How do you find something that no one else has thought to get them? How do you know you are getting them something they will actually like and use? We are here to help you out with that. If you are looking for wedding gift ideas that are unique and valuable, look no further. In this post, we will introduce you to a few creative gift ideas the newly betrothed couple is sure to love.

A Polaroid Camera

This is a thoughtful gift for any couple but is something that a couple with a vintage flair will definitely appreciate. If the newly married couple is planning to go on a honeymoon, gift them with a polaroid camera they can use to take photos of their trip. Even if they aren’t going anywhere after the marriage, they will certainly want to commemorate their first days together with photos they can physically hold in their hands and keep forever.

A Date Night Gift Set

If you know what the newly married couple loves in terms of snacks, drinks, and entertainment, why not put together a DIY date night box for them? You could give the gift set a specific theme like a movie night date box or relaxing spa gift box, or you could just fill it up with all the items you know they like. Throw in a bottle of wine, some monogrammed tumblers, delicious snacks, and a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they can order takeout.

A Photo Calendar

Not just anyone's photo calendar: a photo calendar created with photos of the newly married couple. If you have photos of them already or can get your hands on some of their best photos via social media or friends and family, compile all the best photos and use them to print a calendar. This is a relatively inexpensive gift idea, but the value of it is priceless. For their first year together, they can cherish the memories of their time together while looking forward to all the years to come. Every day they look at their calendar, they can also look at photos of some of their most unforgettable moments together.

Anything Monogrammed

You know what makes a gift even more special and valuable? Having it monogrammed! Whether it’s a fresh new set of bath towels, a drink set, a personalized doormat, or a throw blanket, having the newly married couple’s initials monogrammed onto the gift will certainly bring it to the next level. A simple set of bath towels becomes more meaningful when their names are etched onto it. Anything monogrammed is also something they will likely want to proudly showcase in their house too.

An Elegant Drink Set

Many newly married couples appreciate wedding gifts they can add to their home, whether it’s a home decor piece, fun tech gadgets, or drinkware. If the married couple enjoys tasting new wines or ending their day sitting on the back patio sipping a glass of bourbon, why not get them a brand new drink set they can add to their home? This is the kind of gift that could be monogrammed or left as it is; either way, it’s an elegant, sophisticated addition to any more. A crystal decanter and a couple of glasses will come in handy when they want to enjoy a drink together or entertain friends in their home. Plus, an elegant new drink set makes for a great decor piece in the home.

His and Hers Pajamas

Any gift the couple can share is a great gift indeed, so why not get the newly married couple matching his and hers comfy pajamas? Most people appreciate a high-quality pajama set, and if you are gifting a newly married couple, they will most certainly appreciate each having their own silky, soft, high-end pajamas. Again, this is the kind of gift that could be monogrammed if you choose to do that. Fabrics like satin and cotton are super comfortable. Nothing will make the newlywed couple happier than waking up together in luxuriously soft matching pajamas that they can wear while sipping coffee and eating their first breakfast together.

Gift Cards

Don’t write off gift cards as a copout gift. While it may be true that gift cards are a convenient go-to when you aren’t sure what to get someone, most people genuinely appreciate gift cards. You can get the newly married couple a gift card to their favorite shop or restaurant or just a generic gift card they could use as they please (it will come in handy on the honeymoon). You could also get them a subscription for something like monthly wine or coffee deliveries.

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