Best Gender-Neutral Outfits for the Office

Best Gender-Neutral Outfits for the Office

When it comes to professional outfits, society often expects individuals to dress according to gender norms. If you don’t conform to these stereotypes in your personal life, you shouldn’t have to in the workplace. Workplace dress codes can be restricting, though, and there may not be much room to bend the rules. The compromise is gender-neutral clothing. As fashion continues to champion androgyny, more and more genderless options are available. These clothes can be worn by anyone, helping individuals to express themselves more authentically.

Browse our list below for some of the best gender-neutral outfits for the office. No matter how you identify, there’s something for you. Choose clothes that fit well and feel comfortable and keep your look neat and polished. Now you can look professional, feel more like yourself, and better focus on your work.

Build Your Look With Unisex Pants

Dress pants look good on everyone, and you can use them to build plenty of professional looks. With so many silhouettes to choose from, it’s easy to find that perfect pair. High-waisted dress pants go well with fitted tops and shirts. Straight leg, cropped dress pants are a stylish way to show off your shoes. Find the style that best suits you, and have fun experimenting with different outfit combinations. For the smart-casual workplace, a pair of straight leg jeans is another great choice for pants. These comfy pants can be dressed up with tops and accessories to create stylish office-ready looks. Darker washes tend to look neater, so keep that in mind when shopping for a pair. Wide leg pants are another work-appropriate option that looks flattering on everyone. These comfy pants provide a loose-airy feel and can be matched with a variety of tops. Wear yours with a tailored vest or belted over a tucked-in shirt. If you find your pants hems are dragging on the floor, give yourself some height with a heeled boot or shoe.

Smarten Up in Genderless Shirts

Expand your gender-neutral wardrobe with a men’s button-down shirt. This classic outfit-builder can be worn with different bottoms, like dress pants and skirts. If your office is casual enough, you can also pair a button-up with jeans. Keep it simple with a white shirt, or liven up your outfit with a fun pattern or print. You can also choose between long and short-sleeve shirts. Both can be worn over a tank top or sleeveless t-shirt for more outfit options. Polo shirts are another great option for genderless dressing. Smarter than a t-shirt but less casual than a button-up, polo shirts are ideal for warm-weather office dressing. Layer yours under a sport coat for a more laidback take on the traditional suit. Put on some chinos or dark wash jeans, and add a pair of loafers to complete the preppy look.

During the colder months, swap out your button-up or polo for a turtleneck. These gender-neutral shirts can be worn on their own or underneath a suit jacket or blazer. Go for a modern look by matching the color of your turtleneck to the color of your jacket. Wear it with high-waisted, wide-leg pants for a sleek, streamlined outfit.

Keep It Neutral With a Jacket

Anyone can look great in a well-fitted suit, regardless of gender identity. Suits are also versatile since you can wear each piece together or on their own. A suit jacket, for example, can be worn like a blazer over a shirt with chinos or jeans. Create a similar outfit with a skirt or pair of long shorts. If you’re not in the market for a suit, you can achieve the same look with a men’s blazer. Blazers are meant to be worn on their own, so there are usually more colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from. While suits tend to be more traditional in style, blazers often feature modern design details. Think eye-catching prints and flowing lapels. Blazers can function as a smart jacket while also bringing some personality to your work outfit.

Add Charm With Accessories

Unisex accessories can be used (sparingly) to add a more personal touch to your look. A men's tie, for example, can be worn by anyone and is a fun way to liven up a suit. Bold colors, unique prints, and detailed patterns can help you express your style and may even serve as conversation-starters. Bow-ties and neck scarves serve the same purpose with a more versatile silhouette.

A men's belt is another example. These accessories are great for adding shape and curves to your look. They also bring a touch of style. You can play off the color, texture, or buckle design when building your outfit. There are plenty of ways to create outfits for the office that avoid gender stereotypes. It's important to find what makes you feel most confident and comfortable so you can look and feel your best. Just be sure to keep it professional and polished. Free your wardrobe of gender norms by shopping unisex pieces at Lands' End.


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