3 Best Outfits for Cleaning the Garage

3 Best Outfits for Cleaning the Garage

Garage cleaning is a challenging task. The floors are prone to developing stubborn stains. The walls and corners are likely to accumulate cobwebs over time. The windows become caked with dust. It’s an oft-neglected space used primarily to park cars and store outdoor tools and equipment. Whether you’re doing some spring cleaning or just feel inspired to spruce up your home, it’s a good idea to show the garage some love.

More than just hard work, it’s also dirty work. This is no time to throw on that beautiful women's tunic top, even if you’re confident it’s going to be a quick and tidy job. You need comfortable, durable attire that’s built to stand up to the challenge of a little activity. Depending on the condition of your garage, this could take a while! Here are some ideas to ensure you stay comfortable while you transform your garage.

Slip Into Yoga Gear

No matter what part of the house demands your attention, you need to dress for the moment. Avoid anything that’s too form-fitting or that has the potential to restrict your movements. While you’re cleaning the garage, you’ll bend, stretch, crouch, and reach as you tackle those tricky nooks and crannies and show those windows who’s boss. Forget about wearing anything that doesn’t allow you to move around with ease.

Try a pair of women’s yoga pants. They’re supportive, yet light and flexible, so they move with you no matter what you’re doing. Throw on a T-shirt that fits well but doesn’t cling to your body. You don’t want something so loose that the fabric bothers you while you’re doing the job, but don’t wear anything too snug either. Balance is the key.

Stay Cozy in Flannel

Fall is a great time to tackle some of those home improvement projects, too. Maybe you prefer to do things when it isn’t so hot outside. Whatever the reason, you can take advantage of the drop in temperatures and get started on that long-suffering garage once and for all. And though you’re likely to break a sweat if the job takes you a little while, it’s best to dress with the change of season in mind.

A flannel shirt is an obvious choice for a couple of reasons: It’s the perfect throw-on-and-get-going garment, yet it’s also something that you can easily peel off when you start to feel a little warm as you work. The material is plush enough to keep you cozy if the garage gets a little chilly, but not so thick and cumbersome that it bothers you when you’re trying to work. Bonus points for its inherently autumnal style. There’s nothing easier or more seasonal than this.

Brave the Oppressive Heat

If you’re working in the heat, though, then flannel has no place in your life during this project. What you need are lightweight, breezy materials that won’t stick to your skin or annoy you while you’re tossing away unwanted items, hosing down the walls and floors, and generally transforming the garage into something it hasn’t resembled in years. That takes serious effort — and in the heat, you may need to exert an even greater effort.

Keep your cool in a pair of women’s shorts with some wiggle room for added comfort. On a hot day, you’ll be grateful for the comfort and practicality they bring while you’re hard at work. Pair them with a soft T-shirt — ideally one that wicks moisture away from your skin so that you stay as fresh and dry as possible as it warms up. Although it may be tempting to wear sandals or slides with this outfit, stick to sneakers so that you don’t risk injuring yourself if you have anything heavy to move or throw out.

Try a Little Length

If you prefer not to wear shorts or yoga pants, you can just as easily find your comfort zone in something that provides a bit more coverage but still keeps you as cool as you can be while you’re navigating the complexities of your garage. A pair of bottoms with a little bit of length works just as well with a T-shirt or a tank top as those shorts.

Capri pants are an exceptional choice because they’re designed with your active lifestyle in mind. Choose a pair that fits like a dream so you can move around easily. Throw a simple tee on top or try a lightweight tank top if it’s particularly warm. Capri pants offer the best of both worlds, providing you with great comfort yet never sacrificing style.

The right outfit can make all the difference to your day, especially when you’re hard at work cleaning the garage. Make it a point to prioritize your comfort so that you don’t have to think twice about what you wore. Then prepare to transform that garage into the space of your dreams!


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