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Which jeans are best for my shape?
How will I find my new favorite women's jeans?
Hint: it's all about the fit.

What size am I in women's jeans? Know your numbers.

Most women never measure themselves unless it has to do with weight. But there are plenty of good reasons to know your numbers. Finding a great fitting pair of women's jeans is one of them. Our designers say you should know your waist, hip and inseam numbers. Here's how. Bend to the side to find your natural waistline to measure. That's the one we need, even when your jeans sit below your waist. To get your most accurate hip measurement, you'll need to measure the fullest part of you, between your waist and the crotch of your pants. Make a note.

Once you've found your size in Lands' End women's jeans, it's your size in any pair of Lands' End women's pants. Period.

This might be our crowning achievement. We unified the crown across all styles of women's pants. So if you're a size 8 or 18W in straight leg jeans, you'll wear the same size in everything from skinny jeans to wide leg chinos.

Women's jeans

What does the crown refer to in women's jeans and why does it matter?

More than leg shape, our designers say the crown of the pants — the area from the waist to the crotch — is most important for fit. Above all, the crown should stay PUT. As in, not pull down. As in, no gap in the back. It's all about getting proportions right: waist, hip, front rise and back rise. We give our crown a contoured waistband that fits the curve of your body, so everything stays in place. By picking up the same crown across all jeans styles, allowing only slight variances for fit intent and fabric (amount of stretch), we assure you your pants will fit every time.

Pay attention to the back pockets of your jeans.

Clean and classic describes Lands' End, right down to the back pockets of our women's jeans. In fact, our designers joke that the more embellished a jeans pocket is, the more it may be trying to distract from the jeans' bad fit. When it comes to back pockets, it's all about clean, simple stitching and good proportion for each size. We adjust both.

Women's jeans

Are women's curvy fit jeans for me? How do you know?

Curvy is about shape. A general rule of thumb? If your hip is more than 10 inches wider than your waist, try curvy fit jeans. If you've had to size up for jeans to fit your hips, only to have them gap in the waist, you should try curvy fit jeans. They're designed for true hourglass shapes. We use a little extra stretch to ensure the fit at both your hips and waist is amazing – with NO gap.

Who should wear women's slim leg jeans?

Absolutely every woman, no matter her size, should feel confident wearing women's slim fit jeans. Lands' End slim leg jeans skim your shape without clinging, for a little extra ease. Various waist placements give you style options, too.

Women's jeans

As for what to wear with your slim leg jeans, the key is maintaining the top-to-bottom proportions. When wearing one of our tunics for women or a women's sweater with an exaggerated shape (think ponchos, boxy sweaters), slim leg jeans are a great answer. This combination hides a thicker middle and offers great focus. Slim jeans help balance a more layered look on top. A single-button blazer over a tee, a cardigan over a blouse, or volumes of scarves are all easy ways to play with proportions.

As for what shoes to wear with slim leg jeans, pumps, ballet flats and loafers work great. Or wear your slim jeans with ankle booties, tucking the end of the jeans inside, for a streamlined, leg-lengthening look.