Best Fleece Jackets for Football Weather

Best Fleece Jackets for Football Weather

Ah … fall. Autumn leaves, bright blue skies, apple cider, and of course … football! Is there anything better than spending a fall afternoon or evening with friends and family watching a live football game? Whether it’s high school, college, or pro, it’s always a great time. So here are some ideas for the best women’s fleece jackets to keep you warm and cozy as you cheer on your favorite team.

Why Fleece?

Fleece is a modern invention that simply makes life cozier. It has the unparalleled advantage of both warmth and lightweight. Fleece is made from polyester or other synthetic fibers. Its anti-perspiration qualities allow moisture to evaporate while blocking the humidity from the outside; this makes it wonderfully breathable and quick to dry. Fleece can also be considered a vegan alternative to wool as it uses only synthetic fibers. Fleece can be dyed to make an array of colors. The bottom line is that fleece takes practicality, comfort, and fashion to a whole new level (especially for outdoor activities!).

Start by Layering

The key to enjoying a football game outdoors is to be so comfortable that all you need to concentrate on is the game itself and the lively conversation. Start with a pair of women’s jeans and a flannel shirt. This will give you coverage, comfort, and the breathability of the cotton. If the weather could be warm, you can throw a cotton T-shirt under the flannel shirt so you can have a short-sleeved option. But don’t underestimate the weather, here in the Midwest, a beautiful fall day can also include chilly temps.

Women’s Fleece Jackets

The beauty of fleece is its versatility. Every woman needs a fleece full-zip jacket. They are warm, easy to throw on, easy to layer underneath a coat, and can be stashed in a bag, backpack, or car to pull out when you need one. And most of us know that having an extra women’s jacket handy is an excellent idea in case a child or teenager forgets theirs. You can always roll up the sleeves and keep them cozy on the fly.

Other great options include the quarter-zip pullover, an outdoor classic for fall that will keep you warm but still gives you the opportunity of removing it easily if that afternoon sun comes out. A fleece vest over a turtleneck makes a great look while giving you additional insulation. Also, consider fashionable “hybrid” options like a fleece shirt jacket. They can be just the ticket to casual style and warmth.

Fleece for the Whole Family

Don’t forget the guys and the little ones! Fleece is a great choice for the whole family. Men’s fleece jackets can go from school to work to all those weekend activities (including football!). If he prefers a more basic look, suggest a neutral color like black or grey. If he’s a true fan, check out all the colors that are available. There is probably one that will help him represent that alma mater or favorite team. Fleece jackets also make great gifts!

Just like every woman needs a full zip fleece jacket, the same is true of kids. Get them some kids' fleece jackets in a color that will go with most of their wardrobe and watch it become the most worn garment that they own. You can even stuff one in a backpack, and it will come out looking appropriate to wear (thank you, synthetic fabrics!). If you have a junior GQ or budding fashionista, give them some choice on the colors and styles while keeping practical details in mind. Many fleece jackets have pockets that are great for keeping gloves or other necessities handy.

Make sure to keep an eye on laundering needs for kid’s jackets. Unlike adult jackets that may only need to be washed a couple of times a season, kids play hard, and their jackets show it. Often, you will need to wash kids’ jackets weekly. Make sure to keep the heat in the dryer low if you opt for machine drying. This will help to extend the life of their fleece jackets.

Fleece Accessories, too!

Don’t forget the hats, gloves, and mittens! They can make or break the difference between a fun football game and feeling silly that you didn’t remember to bring them. Fleece is a great choice for mittens and gloves as well because of the warmth and breathability. Especially for little ones, keep in mind that mittens are warmer than gloves because the additional body heat of the fingers staying together keeps them cozy. If you need to drive, always make sure that you are wearing gloves that create enough friction between your hands and the steering wheel that you are 100% in control.

So grab a fleece jacket and enjoy the game this weekend!


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