Best Features of our Warmest Winter Coats

Best Features of Our Warmest Winter Coats

When winter is upon us, it can be tempting to stay inside, curled up under a blanket while watching winter weather do its thing from inside. But then you’d be missing out on everything this amazing season has to offer: sledding, snowman building, winter hikes, ice skating, skiing, and simply making winter memories. If the reason you’ve been avoiding the outdoors during wintertime is because of the cold, perhaps you don’t know about Lands’ End’s warmest coats. We know what makes a good winter coat, and we pack in all the best features so you can worry less about staying warm and more about enjoying yourself. Check out the best features of our warmest winter coats and learn what sets ours apart from the rest.

Why Are Lands’ End Coats so Good?

When warmth is of utmost importance, you need coat features that not only insulate but also protect your skin and from the wet snow and wind. As fun as it is to get out there and get into the white stuff, you do need to be aware of the risks of hypothermia, which can be a threat in temperatures as high as 50 degrees Fahrenheit in wet, windy weather. From the warmest coat fillings to the most protective outer shells, we have a wide variety of options to choose from to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. For our example, our kids’, men’s, and women’s winter parkas come with a fleece lining for optimal insulation protected by a polyester shell — perfect for those looking for our warmest winter coat rating of -3° to +25° Fahrenheit.

The Part That Keeps You Warm and Toasty

Of course, you expect your winter coat to keep you warm. That one is a given (we hope). But would you be surprised if we told you there are different variations of HOW WARM a coat could be? It’s true — not every winter coat is made to sustain freezing temperatures or handle getting stuck in the middle of a snowstorm as you frantically try to remember where you parked your car. We don’t expect you to know why your coat is warm (FYI, it has a lot to do with insulation, lining, and exterior shell material), but we do want you to know that when it comes to warmth, you have options.

The Part That Keeps You Dry

Sometimes getting your coat a little wet during a winter storm can mean spending the rest of the week stuck in bed suffering from every cold symptom imaginable. Make sure your winter coat is equipped with a good windproof, waterproof nylon shell for added water resistance and a fighting chance at cold and flu season. Another amazing water resistance feature to look for in a coat would be water-resistant insulation or an HYPERdry down filling — both of which work hard to keep you warm even if the coat gets wet.

The Part That Doesn't Weigh You Down

Ok, we know lugging a winter coat around with you everywhere you go can get a little annoying. That’s why we do our best to cut down on the bulk factor of our warmest winter coats. We figured out a long time ago that you don’t need to make a coat physically heavy to get it to do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping you warm and dry in winter. That’s why we use high-end power-fill down to some coats and cutting-edge synthetic insulation to others to add warmth — not bulk — to our warmest winter coats.

When it comes to down coats, the story is filled with power. Fill power measure the warmth to weight ratio. A higher fill power, the less down is needed to maintain warmth, which allows us to use less. That’s why a 700-fill power down coat is so incredibly light yet still maintains warmth to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a slightly less fill power, say 600, is incredibly warm. When we use a bit more, couple it with a waterproof shell, and add features like a drawcord at the waist, adjustable hood, and storm flap zippers; it will keep you warm in sub-zero weather earning it our warmest rating.

If you’re not quite down with down coats, try one of our coats with alternative linings and insulations, like the Squall Parka. This is one of the warmest and sleekest coats in our line. With a cozy fleece lining at the top of the body and lightweight polyester insulation in the lower body and sleeves, this jacket provides you with the warmth and protection you crave without the weight you dread in a winter coat.

The Part That Keeps You Comfortable

You may not be planning on wearing your winter coat all day, but you still should expect to be able to comfortably complete essential tasks when you are. After all, the last thing you need on a cold day is to drop your drive-thru coffee out the window because you couldn’t get your hand out of the sleeve in time for the 'pass off.'

When it comes to buying a winter coat, you’ll be comfortable wearing you’ll want something roomy, versatile, and adjustable to you. Think adjustable hoods and cuffs you can customize to your perfect fit (and arm length). Or try a coat that you can adjust as temperatures fluctuate. The Squall 3-in-1 allows you to wear the shell and coat separately or together — whatever you need to keep comfortable.

The Part That Protects All of You

The length you look for in a winter coat shouldn’t just be about personal preference. When it comes to winter outerwear, above all else, you want it to protect you from the elements. Extend the warmth you depend on from a winter coat with a mid-calf hitting long down coat for those freezing Wisconsin-style winters. If you live in a more forgiving climate, you may want to consider a coat that hits at mid-thigh instead.

The Part That You Can Layer for Extra Warmth

When the seasoning is still transitioning, and you want to be warm, grabbing a winter vest is a great option to keep your core warm, without the bulk of a coat. As a bonus, on extra cold days, having the winter vest to throw on under your jacket for an extra layer is a great way to stay warm without all the extra bulk.

Don’t forget the accessories, to truly stay warm and cozy, you’ll want to make sure you have a reliable pair of waterproof winter boots with a good tread, so you won’t slip on the ice. Adding a cozy scarf, gloves, and hat or earmuffs will make sure you’re ready to face any weather that comes your way.

Don’t let the obstacles of another winter get in your way. Shop Lands’ End today for a winter coat guaranteed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable all winter long.

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