6 Best Dresses for Spring

6 Best Dresses for Spring

In your search for spring dresses, you will find florals, bright colors, stripes, and a variety of short and long sleeves. Spring is the best time to show off your colorful style and express your creative side. The weather can still be slightly chilly at the beginning of spring, but that does not mean you should keep your dresses hanging in the back of the closet any longer. Those with a variety of dresses this spring will be fashionable in every style as the days get warmer. Here are the women's dresses that you should incorporate into your spring style this year.

1. Long Sleeves

Longer sleeves and three-quarter length sleeves will be essential for the beginning of spring when the weather is still slightly cooler. Long sleeve dresses made with lighter fabric, such as a jersey dress, will be a great transition staple into spring. These will keep you warm when it’s cool in the morning, but will not be too hot in the warmer afternoons. Dresses with longer sleeves can also be appropriate attire for work. You should choose long sleeve dresses that have a collar and a matching belt to accentuate your natural waistline. These dresses will be beautiful in any color or pattern. They also allow you to layer if you add a blazer, cardigan, or scarf. Long-sleeve dresses are available in every length to fit your comfort level.

2. Short Sleeves

Short-sleeve dresses come in a variety of styles for every occasion. You could add a jacket or blazer to a short-sleeve wool dress to suit your workplace’s dress code. If you are looking for a more casual outfit, a colorful short-sleeve dress makes the perfect picnic outfit. Short-sleeve dresses with scoop necklines will allow you to add statement jewelry to elevate your style this season. A staple brunch dress could have short sleeves and a modest V-neck. You will be prepared for the warmer season with two or three short-sleeve dresses with different patterns and styles in your closet.

3. Maxi Dresses

At least one reliable maxi dress will be essential for spring this year. Maxi dresses are paired beautifully with a small heel, flat shoe, or sneakers. They can be found in a variety of sleeve styles, patterns, and colors. The jersey material of a maxi dress makes it a comfortable option for a casual occasion. If you decide to start with one reliable maxi dress, then choose a simple pattern. For example, a solid bright-colored or striped dress can be styled in multiple ways. A short-sleeve maxi dress is best for layering on colder spring days. It will also be a great go-to piece for the warmer days this spring. Maxi dresses can also be found in long sleeve and tank top styles to accommodate your comfort and personal style.

4. Knee Length

As the weather becomes warmer in the spring, a knee-length style dress will be crucial to staying cool. A midi dress is much easier to style for a casual event or even a day at the park. It can be paired with sneakers or cute strappy sandals for a clean and laid-back style. If you are looking for a more fitted look, a knee-length dress with a matching belt will bring the dress in and leave the bottom flowing elegantly. A short-sleeve and tank top-style dress will keep you stylish and comfortable this season. Knee-length dresses with adorable bright patterns will be a great way for you to embrace the warmer days coming this spring.

5. Florals

Floral dresses are a classic pattern for spring because there is so much variety. You can find small and large floral print dresses in an array of color combinations. Those who are more comfortable with solid colors might be pleasantly surprised to find that they like floral. This popular print allows you to add subtle color to your style. It also gives you the opportunity to accessorize with the incorporated colors on the dress. The print can truly be found in any dress style you are looking for. Florals have been popular for many spring seasons because they are a good foundation piece to dress up or down. Larger floral styles will be better for those looking for a more defined pattern. Smaller floral prints will be less defined, but just as colorful.

6. Bright Colors

Dresses with brighter colors are popular in the spring as we prepare for sunnier days. There are many dress options if you are looking for more vivid and bright colors this season. Solid, bright-colored dresses can be styled perfectly with a statement necklace. Colorful patterns add freshness to your style that matches the mood of a happy spring day. You can incorporate bright colors into your closet through patterned dresses such as polka dots, florals, and stripes. The color block pattern is another trendy style that embraces lively spring colors.

Don't settle for one look this year. Signature styles are out and variety is in! Get yourself a fun variety of dresses to wear all spring and into summer as well.


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