Best Dress Styles for a Spring Wedding for Guests

Best Dress Styles for a Spring Wedding for Guests

When the chilly winter weather thaws into pleasant springtime, many people emerge from their homes to enjoy the outdoors — and a dose of romance. If you've been receiving a flood of "save the dates" from your friends, you're not alone. In the spring and summer, the height of wedding season, there are about 6,000 weddings a day!

If your friends got engaged in the fall or during the holiday season, the chances are high they also locked you in as a guest for their April or May wedding. Many engaged couples also have dreams of taking advantage of the mild and beautiful weather that’s associated with spring, so outdoor venues are likely to be part of the event.

In this season of transitional weather, wedding guests want to feel comfortable but look good at the same time. This is why supplementing women's dresses with seasonably appropriate accessories offers an excellent solution to a common wedding wardrobe question. It’s also important to pick a dress that has some extra coverage so you’re not left out in the cold when the sun sets. Thankfully, many styles are flattering and excellent for springtime weather. Here are the best dress styles for spring wedding guests.

Stay Covered and Look Cute in a Sleeved Knit Dress

When it’s time to bust out the spring color and patterns, you have plenty of styles to choose from. While the weather is still mild, you have many choices in terms of materials. Knit dresses come in comfortable material blends like rayon and cotton, which offer a comfortable stretch and sheen to the dress. These dresses come in a variety of necklines, lengths, and styles. Whether you choose a pleated neck that draws attention to your upper body or a long wrap maxi dress, you can feel confident, stylish, and cozy throughout the special event.

Rock Your Style in a Knee-Length Fit and Flare Dress

Spring dresses typically involve more coverage than summer dresses because of the milder weather. If you’ve been invited to an outdoor wedding, be sure to choose a dress that will be appropriate for the still-cool temperatures. When you pick a fit and flare dress, opt for one with sleeves and some extra length to it. Many of these dresses are just calling out for a belt because of their fitted bodices that accentuate the natural waistline.

Fit and flare dresses are usually made with fabrics that offer a bit of stretch, such as a cotton blend, which makes them exceptionally comfortable for wedding celebrations that last all day. To spice up a solid-colored fit and flare dress, add some contrasting color statement jewelry, an eye-catching hairstyle, and a handbag to match!

Have Fun with Your Style in an Embroidered Dress

If you’d like to skip out on the bold jewelry, wear a jersey dress that has embroidered designs for extra embellishment. If your dresses are plain, a fashion scarf and cardigan can also work very well. The added touch of embroidered designs creates a stunning visual effect without the need for extra jewelry to make your dress look more formal. To maintain a balanced look, bring a solid-colored clutch, and be mindful of choosing shoes that do not clash with your dress’s pattern. Be sure to keep the bride in mind as you pick your dress so that you select colors and patterns that won’t upstage her in all her glory. It’s a kind gesture, but you’ll still get to look gorgeous in the process!

Chilly Outdoor Wedding? Grab a Jacket or Cardigan

The weather doesn’t cooperate sometimes. A day in April may be the perfect 72-degree day one week and then plunge into the 40s on the day of the wedding. In these instances, don’t be left out in the cold. Colorful umbrellas for rain, coordinated cardigans, and women’s raincoats are all you need to add stylish comfort to your ensemble to combat the unpredictable weather.

Spring coats provide the coverage you need, but they are made from thinner and more colorful fabrics, so you don’t need to worry about getting weighed down by outerwear. Pick a jacket or coat with a fashionable belt or tailored waistline so you can show off your figure. If the outside wedding involves some soggy weather, be sure to wear a low, closed-toe shoe or boot that can withstand the slippery paths ahead.

Spring weddings give you a chance to show off your excellent sense of style. Try these dress options to bring out your very best!

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