Best Curvy Jeans for Plus Size Women

Best Curvy Jeans for Plus-Size Women

Finding a pair of plus size women's jeans can be a tricky task. If you're full-figured, you might be stumped by the many options that seem to call your name as you rifle through the racks. There are seemingly dozens of fits and colors, all of which look great on the hanger–but will they be as flattering when you pull them on?

The challenge is to find a pair of curvy jeans that negotiates your figure with ease. The right pair of denim should never constrict your movements, make you feel uncomfortable, or leave you fidgeting. Navigating the wide world of jeans doesn't have to be a monumental and insurmountable hurdle, though. With some deeper understanding of what separates the good from the great, you'll have an easier time finding the absolute best of the entire bunch.

Determine Your Ideal Rise

"Rise" is a term that refers to the proximity from the center seam at the crotch to the very top of the waistband. The shorter the distance, the lower the rise. It's an important factor to keep in mind as you shop because you need to consider what helps you feel your best throughout the day. If you hate the idea of tugging at the waistband because it sits below your belly button, then a pair of low-rise jeans isn't right for you. If you love the old-school styles that were dominant throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, then high-rises are guaranteed to find a home in your closet. However, there are other elements to consider as you determine the right rise:

Select the Right Shape

What actually makes a pair of curvy jeans the "best"? You might think of it as an exact science of sorts. After all, these jeans are made for you and you alone. It's worth the time to find a pair that complements your best assets and allows you to conceal or minimize areas that you don't want to highlight. That begins with selecting the right silhouette.

  • Skinny: Contrary to common misconception, a great pair of plus size skinny jeans is a dream for a curvy figure. It's the ultimate companion piece and something that you can wear when you want to create the illusion of length. A mid- or high-rise pair is great for creating a contrasting waist to hips ratio. Paired with something structured on top, like a sleek blazer, it contributes to the ultimate power look.
  • Bootcut: The bootcut jean is a smart pick because it's cut in such a way to help define a fuller figure. It's slightly tapered as it moves from the thighs to the knees, then opens up as it extends over the remaining portion of the leg. The hem is wide enough to accommodate a pair of boots. It's advantageous because it's the type of design that works with your curves effortlessly. It's also a great choice if you're top-heavy because it creates a streamlined look thanks to its flared bottom.

Think About the Extras

What sets the best pair of curvy jeans apart from the rest? It all comes down to one important factor: all-day comfort. There's always the chance that it will feel great right away, but inhibit your movements and make you feel less comfortable as the day wears on. To prevent that, give your new jeans a good test run. Slip into them, walk around, bend at the waist, and crouch at your knees. Pay attention to how the waist feels. If you're dealing with the dreaded gap, then you know you need to either put on a belt if it's minimal or go back to the drawing board if it's too large. (Pro tip: High-waisted jeans help contain the gap issue in a big way!)

Another point to consider is color. You don't have to only wear women's black plus size jeans if you love, say, a pair of purple or pink denim. The joy of fashion is that it presents so many opportunities to be adventurous. Dark rinses are always a good choice, but if you love a light hue, by all means, wear it. Wearing a darker color on top offsets that shade and promotes a flattering look from head to toe.

Above all, flaunt what you've got! There's a great pair of jeans for everybody–all you need to do is put in some effort to find one that works best for you. By calling attention to your assets, you'll look as great as you feel in your new denim.


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