Best Coverups for Modest Swimwear

Best Coverups for Modest Swimwear

Swimsuit season can be any time of the year when you have a vacation booked. Whether it’s the heat of summer in your hometown or a Caribbean cruise planned in the winter, you need a stylish ensemble of swimwear to be ready. There is a variety of women’s coverups out there, but which kinds are suited for modest swimwear?

Because swimsuits with more coverage have unique needs, this guide will show some examples of classic favorites. Overall, aim for coverups that offer enough supportive coverage to convert your modest swimwear to presentable street clothing. Here are the best coverups to complement modest swimwear.

Swim Shorts

When you want to be versatile, swim shorts can get you in and out of water mode in seconds. It’s an easy coverup for modest swimwear because you already have enough coverage on top. If you wear a one-piece or tankini top, then you already have a proper top for any land activities. Adding the shorts instantly turns your swimwear into a street-ready ensemble.

Swim shorts are designed to be worn with wet swimsuits because they come with UPF 50 fabric that dries quickly. Unlike soggy jean shorts that can feel uncomfortable, these shorts provide comfortable coverage and will dry quickly in the sun. So, if you need to grab an ice cream or take a child to the restroom, you can access this easy coverup and feel casual and cool all day. Swim shorts also make excellent workout clothing and sportswear because of their moisture-wicking abilities, so they are a good investment for warm-weather fashion.

Button-up Shirt Coverups

When your swimsuit is already modest, you don’t even need a dress to feel more covered. A button-up shirt coverup can be worn as a shirt dress or left open. Whether you get one with long or short sleeves, this long coverup is highly versatile. When you’re not at the pool, it can also be worn with leggings and a camisole as a proper outfit. Button-up shirts are ideal for one-pieces, swim dresses, and tankinis, providing protection for the shoulders and coverage for transitioning to land activities. They are also easy to throw on because they are made of lightweight materials and can be left open like a convenient cardigan.

Coverup Dresses

Dress coverups are excellent investments because they go beyond just poolside wear. Though they look just like streetwear, they are made of quick-dry materials that are designed to be out in the elements. They are long and offer options to provide enough coverage to conceal even modest swimwear like one-piece swimsuits and tankinis.

Some classic favorites like the kaftan coverup can function as a dress on an ordinary day, so they have a lot of replay value. Wear them over leggings and with a cardigan in cooler months for even more style versatility. It’s surely a good idea to have a couple of dress coverups in your closet so you have an easy day dress and fashionable coverup for the pool.

Rash Guards

If you want a type of coverup that doesn’t need to be taken off when you go in the water, then women’s rash guards may be just what you need. These come in short or long sleeve variations to provide various levels of sun protection. Also, this coverup comes in UPF 50 fabric, which blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays. Providing substantial protection for hours without the need to reapply sunblock, rash guards are convenient items to have when you enjoy being out in the sun.

How Many Coverups for a Weeklong Vacation?

If you’re going on vacation, take note that one coverup may not be enough. These items get wet and will need laundering before their next use. When you have consecutive beach or pool days, having a few sets can be a stress saver.

These coverups can also do double duty as dresses on a non-beach day or when you need to take a break from the water for a quick lunch or trip to the tiki bar. Try to aim for three to four coverups to provide a range of options and to make sure you’ll always have a dry and clean coverup available. After all—who wants to do the laundry while in paradise?

Try these stylish coverups that look just right with your modest swimwear. By providing enough coverage and a fashion boost, they will keep you feeling confident and fun in and out of the water.


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