Best Comfy Plus Size Outfits

Best Comfy Plus Size Outfits

According to various studies, people are more productive when they’re comfortable. And it makes perfect sense. Think about it: If you’re working all day in clothes that don’t feel right, you’re more likely to think about nothing but going home and switching into your pajamas or something that lets you be you. So why not dress for the day in some comfortable clothes from the get-go instead of spending the day miserable and uncomfortable? Whether working or running errands, here are some plus size clothes that will make you look forward to getting things done and make you look good doing it.

For Lounging Around the House

Not many women are afforded the opportunity to lounge around the house with nothing to do, but when the opportunity comes, there’s nothing wrong with taking it. And some plus size loungewear will let you spend the day in comfort while also looking put-together in case of unexpected visitors. Consider wearing loungewear similar to a nightgown that could easily pass as a casual dress. You’ll look like you put yourself all together when in fact you haven’t even gotten dressed for the day! This loungewear comes in a variety of lengths and necklines, so make sure you not only like how you look in it but also feel comfortable. For example, you might look good in a longer dress, but the length might be too restricting for sleeping. Find a balance between the two and you’ll be set for daytime and bedtime.

For Comfy Summer Days Catching Some Rays

Of course, there are times when you want to just stay inside to enjoy some peace and quiet, but on a nice summer day, you may want to spend some time laying in a hammock with a good book or tossing a ball to the dog. Some plus size shorts like mid-rise chino shorts either in denim or khaki colors are summer wardrobe essentials for days like this. Look for shorts with a contour waist for extra comfort and coverage. Cotton or a cotton blend will also help you stay cool in the summer heat.

Un-Pant-Like Plus Size Pants

Shorts are great for summer, but some days you just want to wear pants — especially if you want protection from the sun or pesky mosquitos. Some straight-leg, elastic-waist pull-on pants are great for days like this. The straight leg combined with an elastic waistband will make you feel like you’re wearing leggings, but you’ll look like you’re wearing pants. When they come in cute patterns, they’re flattering and fun while still ultra-comfortable.

Comfy Plus Size Dresses

Plus size dresses like A-line dresses are great for when you want to look polished and feel comfortable. But they have to be well-designed and made of the right material. Regarding material, look for soft, stretchy cotton knit, like a dress made of a 95% cotton/5% spandex mix. An A-line shape is very flattering for most figures, as is a hem that falls just above the knee. A dress like this can look as simple or as fancy as you want, as you can pair it with some sneakers for a casual look, or pair it with cute sandals and a long necklace for a dressier look. Either way, you’ll feel comfy and look fabulous.

The Tunic and Leggings Combo

When comfort is key, another outfit that women like to have in their closet is the plus size tunic and leggings combo. Leggings that fit right and are made well not only look great but are ultra-comfortable. Plus, they come in different lengths, so you can wear shorter capri leggings in the summertime and longer leggings in the winter. For summer, pair them with a lightweight tunic that reaches just below the waist. Both sneakers and sandals work with this combo as well, so you have ultimate freedom with footwear. Don’t forget the jewelry if you want to dress up the look. A cute ankle bracelet can make this outfit fun and fashionable.

When it comes to comfort, everyone is different. Thankfully, there are so many comfortable options to turn to when we want to look good but not feel constricted. It’s all in how you wear it and what you wear with it. So next time you have a busy day ahead of you, make sure you have some of these outfits ready so you can just slip them on and tackle your day in comfort and style


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